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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Snowglobe Ornaments

Hello crafters!
Today I'm showing you some ornaments that I made
for my family for 2020
They are simple to make as long as you have a 
I can't find the video on how to make them, so 
I'll give you a quick written tutorial.
Trace a circle on the outside of a laminating pouch.
On the inside of the pouch use white paint to make a 
snow hill and flick paint on for snowflakes.
Print picture of your choice and cut out around the
person you want to feature,
Once the paint is dry, lay the picture into the
pouch and put it through the laminator.
Once it's laminated, cut out the circle.
With card stock, cut out two bases,
glue the laminated piece between the two base
pieces.  Punch a hole in the top and add ribbon or string.
Now you've got a cute ornament.
I hope that makes sense, let me know if you have 
any questions and I'll try to give you some help.
This one was for Sara.
Picture of her with Marie when she was out in her
first snow.
Made this one for Dave, my hubby, wearing the hat and scarf 
I made her for her birthday.
This one was for Kelsie with her favorite 
little human in the world.
Jaryd's with his Princess.
And for Kelsie's boyfriend, Brad, I made
this one with our little Molly.
Molly is afraid of anyone she doesn't know
and she finally warmed up enough to Brad that
he could hold her.

Thanks for stopping in today.
I hope you will give these ornaments a try,
they make a nice little keepsake.
Come again soon,
until then
create on!


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