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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Sweet To Be One

Hello blog friends!
My granddaughter turned on last November, but since 
it was Covid, there was only a very small party for just a few
family members, but none the less it was wonderful.
Here are a few layouts I did to commemorate her 
first birthday.
One of her favorite foods at the time was strawberries,
so that was the theme.
She wore a onesie I made, with
Sweet To Be One on it.
She also had on a tulle tutu in red and green that 
I made, but we didn't get any pictures of her with it on.
They had such cute decorations for her party.
And of course there was a "Smash Cake"
This is when she had her onsie and tutu on.
She had such fun with her cake.
Only got a few pictures with her opening her gifts.
The only picture with her "smash outfit" on is the one
here with her Godfather, Brian.
Here is a picture of the onesie that I made for her
to wear.

Thanks for stopping by today,
I hope you have enjoyed your time at
Kristie Kreates and have been 
inspired in some way.
Come again soon.
Until then
Happy Birthday!


Monday, September 13, 2021

Layouts and Stamping with Marie

Hello and welcome to Kristie Kreates!
Today I have a couple more layouts to show you
and a special little project from my granddaughter
Sometimes, a toddlers hair just isn't what you want it to be.
And you know what, we don't care and neither does she.
Last Christmas we had the first 
Maynard Family Ugly Sweater Cookie Contest.
We each decorated a cookie and then I posted them on 
Facebook and asked people to vote.  It was so much fun
that we're probably going to do another contest this year.
And from my Granddaughter, Marie, we have this beautiful
stamping project.  It was the first time she every stamped.
It was a bit of a challenge, but she finally got the idea and
stamped some pretty good images.
In one of my next posts showing layouts, you'll see what I did
with her project.  I look forward to doing more and more crafting
with her.  She already loves to color and paint and I think she's
going to love learning new techniques.

I'm so glad you stopped to visit for a while today and hope you'll
come again soon.
Until then, 
happy crafting!

Thursday, September 9, 2021

I Call It Portobello Mushroom Lasagna

Hello creative people.
Today I have something different to show you.
I feel that cooking is a creative process and today I 
decided to create something different for dinner.
I call it Portobello Mushroom Lasagna.
I cleaned out the portobello mushrooms and placed them in
oven safe dishes, with a little bit of olive oil in the bottom.
Did you know cleaning out the mushrooms is much easier
when you use a plastic spoon?  I learned this from my 
daughter in law.
I slices up some zucchini and added some slices to the mushrooms
then some sauce (I used some of my daughter in law's sauce) then 
a mixture of ricotta and spices.  (oregano, S&P, Italian seasoning, garlic and 
Parmesan cheese)
Then topped that with some sliced onion.
Next I added more sauce.
To top it all off with some spinach and mozzerella cheese.
Then I popped those babies into a 350* oven for 
about 1/2 hr.
And they were ready to eat!  Well, too hot to eat right away,
but after a little wait they were ready.
I used a roll to make us some cheesy garlic bread.
And our yummy, melty, saucy 
Portobello Mushroom Lasagna
was ready.
It was so good, we both at the whole thing.
I will definitely be making this kind of dish again
in the future and put whatever veggies I have available into

Thanks for stopping in today, I hope you have been inspired
in some way to get creative in the kitchen.
 Come again soon,
until then,
happy cooking and creating!


Friday, August 27, 2021

Newset Layouts

Hello everyone!
Today I have more layouts to show you.
I've been really moving along on catching up with 
scrapbooking the last couple years.
Most of my pages are of our granddaughter, Marie,
but I've also been scrapping in a lot of family events and pictures too.
Marie loves to get comfortable when she eats
Check out her feet in the pictures on the left page.
I love these pictures that my daughter in law took of Marie
and had to do something special with them.
All the hearts are cut from background papers that I have
created.  I LOVE how this turned out.
Check out our girl with her cool sunglasses.
Yes, I do scrap way out of order, but at least they are
getting done.  Baby's first Christmas.  That's my daughter
holding her precious niece.
The Maynard and Phillips families have been doing things
together since Jaryd and Brian (and the rest of us) met when they
were 3 yrs old.  They are now 29.
I love this layout with my second family.
I have a whole scrapbook dedicated to what 
our two families did together over the years.

Thanks for popping in today, 
come again and see what I'm creating lately.
Until then,
enjoy your crafting!


Monday, August 23, 2021

Layouts From My Weekend Crop

Welcome crafty people!
While I was on my little vacation,
I spent a weekend at
Inspiration Inn Bloom
which is located in Ohio.
I spent the time with a group of wonderful friends
and had a fabulous time.
Now I know you are going to look at these and say
"That's all she got done?"
and my answer would be 
"Yes, it is"
I'm a very slow scrapper, I take a lot of time to 
pick the pictures, then the paper I want to use and even 
more time figuring out what I'll do and where to put the 
Lately, I've been trying to think outside the box and
do some things that are a little different on some of my
I definitely have a style and I'm trying to, not necessarily change
that, but add to it.
"Many Faces Of Marie"
This is one of my favorites of the weekend.
When there are a bunch of cute pictures that don't have 
a common theme or event, this is the perfect kind of layout
to use them.  I love how it turned out.
We are lucky enough to get Marie at least once a week 
for a whole day.  Grandpa plays with her a lot and they
have formed a fabulous bond.
This was her first snow of 2020, 2019 she was too young
to know about snow, but these pictures are so precious.
The second page are a few of the things I made for 
Marie to keep her cozy and warm.
I need to get started on some new ones for this winter.
This was our first Easter egg coloring event for our family.
We had so much fun and Marie did a great job coloring
her eggs.
This is when I realized that we really need to take more pictures
of the rest of us and not only pictures of Marie.  LOL
'2021 Maynard Egg Decorating Contest"
We each colored and decorated one special egg to
put into our contest.  Then on Easter we posted them on
Facebook (with no names) and asked our family and friends 
to vote for their favorite in the bunch.  
If you click on the picture, you
can enlarge it and see who won and what he had to
say about the win.
It was so much fun, we plan to do it every year.
"Pretty Easter Princess"
That's our Marie, she looked like a beautiful little
ballerina.  I used tulle to mimic the skirt of her dress
on the page.  It looks so pretty and absolutely precious.
Here's a close up that shows the tulle.
Yes, it does get a bit crushed in the protector sleeve,
but it still looks pretty.

Thanks for stopping in today to see what I've made.
I hope you'll come back soon and see what else I've been up to.
Until then,
think outside the box!


Thursday, August 19, 2021

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

Welcome to Kristie Kreates.
Today I'm showing you the card I made for my
baby's birthday.
My baby, Jaryd, is 29 yrs old now.
How did that happen?
Here is my little man when he was just a baby.
He was 10 lb 3 oz when he was born, so we called him
a little man from the get go.
Such a cutie!
And I still have that little outfit!
Now my baby boy is 6'3" tall and is a Dad himself.  He's grown to be
a wonderful man and father that we are so proud of.
He has always been a joy in my life and continues to make 
me smile and laugh.
I made a simple card using a picture of him with his daughter.
On the inside I wrote a personal note to him.
You really don't have to do a lot to make a card that has
impact, so use your imagination and any card will turn out

Thanks for stopping to see what I've been up to lately.
Come again soon, you never know what you'll find at
Kristie Kreates!


Sunday, August 15, 2021

Ohio Paper Crafting Shop Hop

Hello crafty people.
I took a much needed little trip to visit friends, go to a
weekend crop and go on the Ohio Paper Crafting Shop Hop.
I had so much fun with my friends and we hit all 10 shops on  
the hop in just 3 days.  We drove nearly 800 miles around the state
of Ohio.  We shopped, we talked, we laughed (a LOT), we stopped
at parks to have lovely car picnics, went to a rummage sale and a Goodwill store
and even stopped at an Amish fruit, veggie and bakery stand a couple times.
All in all it was a wonderful, exhausting trip.
Here are some of the things I found along the way.

I think this might be my favorite purchase of the trip.
I am a huge fan of watercolors and this paper pad really 
hit the spot for me.  It's just gorgeous!

Here are just a few of the papers in the pad.

There are multiples of each and they are all double sided.

There are all different colors in this pad,

some are bright and some are lighter more subtle colors.

Every single one of them it gorgeous.
Now I have to be sure to use them and not horde them.

Princess paper for my granddaughter's layouts,
and the other is just because it's cool and I'll find a use
for it, maybe as borders or on cards, one day you'll see it on
a project here.

Told you I love watercolor look.  Found these beautiful
individual papers and got multiples of each.  
I've already used some of them.

A variety of random papers that I loved.

And Harry Potter paper is always a plus with me.

Mickey Mouse is always a favorite.

These are hard to see, I know, they are vellum
with a Christmas theme.  One of the shops had them for
4/$1.00, had to get some of each.

Picked up a variety of goodies that I didn't know I
needed. That Elf on a Shelf will sure come in handy.

I was excited to find a storage tin for my Gel Plate,
but I think I might just make a new one to put into this tin.
Stencils are always handy, especially with the Paper Glaze I 
bought to try out.  And that die from Altenew is one I've wanted for a while.
The other thing in this picture is a package of clear envelopes,
can't wait to send something out in those.

I got a nice variety of stamps and a 3D embossing folder
I guess you can see that I love floral stamps.

Here are a few things I got at the rummage sale we stopped
at. I got a lot more than this, but most of it was clothes for my
granddaughter and I didn't think you needed to see all of them.
This was the biggest rummage sale I have ever seen, it was amazing
and we all came out with some great deals.

We took a little drive off the beaten path and happened
to see these beautiful little fawn.
We also saw fields and marshes of gorgeous flowers
and plenty of birds too.

These are pictures of what our passports looked like.
Each shop would stamp our passport and once we were
done with the hop, our names were place into a drawing for 
some wonderful prizes.

Keep your fingers crossed that I win one of their
fabulous prizes.

And last, but not least, my traveling companions.
Mary, Amy, Me, Janice and Peggy.

We had our pictures taken in all but one shop.
I haven't figured out how to make a picture of us at that shop yet.

Where ever we were random people were kind enough to
take pictures for us.

The shops were lovely and the other crafters were

Inspiration Inn Bloom is where I had been for the 
weekend crop with Mary the weekend before we did 
the hop.

The local shop in Toledo that we know best.

Chaos is kind of what it was for these three days, running
from one place to the next.

We almost missed getting in this picture.  LOL

This was the first shop we went to, drove about 3.5 hrs to
get here and then made our way back, stopping at a couple
other shops on our way.

Thanks for stopping in today.
Did any of you take in this Shop Hop?
If not, and you can travel around Ohio, you
should give it a try next year.
Many thanks to my traveling companions for the
comfortable ride, tasty food, great company and the
enormous amount of laughter. I haven't laughed that
hard in years.