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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Gratitude Set

Hello crafty peeps!
Today I'd like to show you a set that I made
as part of a prize at our 
"Girlfriends and Gratitude Crop"
We thought a gratitude journal would be 
appropriate and of course I couldn't stop there.
So I made a note pad and a post it note holder also.
This note pad would be lovely on anyone's
desk or counter. 
I received some glue from a friend that is 
specifically for making tear off pads.  It's wonderful,
and I can make any size note pad that I want.
Great way to use scraps.
Here is the inside of the notepad.  
The notepaper measures 4 1/4 x 5 1/5
for this particular pad.
Somehow I didn't get a photo of that
particular Post It note holder, but
here are a couple others.
They simply have a pad of 
Post It notes inside.
This is the journal and I love how it 
turned out.
I used different colors and weights of paper
for the pages.  I made a file and printed the lines onto 
the paper.  I also left some pages blank to leave
space to draw or add a picture.
This journal can be used for anything the recipient 
wants it to be.
Here is a picture of the signatures sewn together
before they were put into the cover.
I'm loving this process for sewing them,
if you are curious as to how it is done,
here is the video I learned from.
Nik the Booksmith
is fabulous and has many, many great
videos about book making.
Last, but not least, is the "basket" I made to put all
the prize items into.
The items above and some crafting supplies were 
all wrapped up in this Grateful basket.
Here's a picture of our lucky winner, our
friend Marie.  She was very happy with her
Here is a tutorial showing how to make 
a similar basket.
The Posh Paper Lady

Thanks for popping in today to see what I've
been up to.  I hope you'll come again soon.
Until then,
watch a video and try something new.


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Goodie Bags for Crop

Good Day!
In October we had a
"Girlfriends and Gratitude Crop"
to raise some funds for 
The Grove Street Christian Church,
which houses My Happy Place.
My Happy Place is a crafting "studio" where
we host Crop and Craft time for whatever kind of crafting
people want to do. Most of us are scrapbookers and
card makers.
We always have a goodie bag for each 
cropper at our "specialty" crops.
Today I'm showing you what we gave at
our recent crop.
Each cropper received a bag with a gratitude card
that my "partner in crime" wrote out along with a little
thank you tag that I stamped.
In the bag was a card kit, instructions included.
Some kind of bling, mine happened to be pearls, 
a post it note holder (I made these.) and of course,
some candy.
This is what the Post It note holders were like.
I had a lot of fun making them in different 
Autumn themed papers.
This is the sheet included with instructions for 
the Thank You tags and card kit.
We love making up these little goodie bags,
every crop they are different depending on 
what we have on hand and what we can find to 
add to the bag.
I love to add some kind of little handmade gift in
these bags.
I think they were well received.
The crop was loads of fun for 
all of us and we raised a good amount of
money for the church.

Thanks for stopping by today,
come again soon.
Until then,
show gratitude.


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Snowglobe Ornaments

Hello crafters!
Today I'm showing you some ornaments that I made
for my family for 2020
They are simple to make as long as you have a 
I can't find the video on how to make them, so 
I'll give you a quick written tutorial.
Trace a circle on the outside of a laminating pouch.
On the inside of the pouch use white paint to make a 
snow hill and flick paint on for snowflakes.
Print picture of your choice and cut out around the
person you want to feature,
Once the paint is dry, lay the picture into the
pouch and put it through the laminator.
Once it's laminated, cut out the circle.
With card stock, cut out two bases,
glue the laminated piece between the two base
pieces.  Punch a hole in the top and add ribbon or string.
Now you've got a cute ornament.
I hope that makes sense, let me know if you have 
any questions and I'll try to give you some help.
This one was for Sara.
Picture of her with Marie when she was out in her
first snow.
Made this one for Dave, my hubby, wearing the hat and scarf 
I made her for her birthday.
This one was for Kelsie with her favorite 
little human in the world.
Jaryd's with his Princess.
And for Kelsie's boyfriend, Brad, I made
this one with our little Molly.
Molly is afraid of anyone she doesn't know
and she finally warmed up enough to Brad that
he could hold her.

Thanks for stopping in today.
I hope you will give these ornaments a try,
they make a nice little keepsake.
Come again soon,
until then
create on!


Saturday, November 20, 2021

Brad's birthday gift

Hello crafty people!
Today I have a shirt to show you that
I made in collaboration with my son and daughter in law.
They do some video gaming with my daughter and
her boyfriend, Jaryd and Sara designed what they
wanted on this shirt for Brad and sent it to me.
I traced it with my 
Silhouette Studio  Designer Edition software,
then cut it on my Silhouette Cameo from 
The Chameleon HTV is pretty cool as it changes
color with different lighting.
It's hard to show in the photographs, but
you can see that the different areas are different colors.
This is the front of the shirt.
This is the logo that they created for the back of the
shirt.  You can see that the color is totally different
in this picture, but it's all done with the same
HTV color.
Here is a picture of Brad in his new
shirt.  He loves it and doesn't he just 
look too handsome?!?!
Happy Birthday Brad!

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see what the products are.
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except where specified,
and you may find better prices elsewhere,
I am in no way promoting any particular site.


Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Guardian Angel

It's getting to be that time of year again.
Time to work on Christmas decorations and
Last year our granddaughter, Marie, was 1 yr old.
It was her 2nd Christmas, but the first year that she
had a clue about what was going on.
Marie has a "Guardian Angel" that
she will receive a little gift from each
Christmas.  Her angel has decided that she
will always receive an angel of some kind from her.
In 2020 she received this little angel ornament.
Here is a tutorial on how to make this
angel ornament.

Thanks for stopping in today,
I hope you'll give these little ornaments a try.
They are really very easy to make and look lovely
on a tree.
Come again soon,
you never know what you'll find on 
Kristie Kreates!


Sunday, November 14, 2021

Elf On The Shelf Book

Hello crafters!
Do you have a little one in the family?
We have our granddaughter, Marie, who is just turning
2 yrs old.  Last year Bernadette, the Elf on the Shelf, came for
a holiday visit.  Even when she was only a year old,
Marie learned to look for her each morning.
Pictures were taken of Bernadette's exploits, she even
made some visits to our house when Marie came for the day.
I decided that there should be a book that showed what
a great time Bernadette had while visiting.
So here it is.
I could have made the elf, but decided that 
buying it was much easier and less time consuming.
I bought this while on the Ohio Papercrafter's Shop Hop.
Welcome Bernadette!
A special delivery for Bernadette.
A suitcase full of clothes that she left at the North Pole.
You can see the clothes here.
Bernadette gives a fashion show.
She settled right into the Christmas village.
Fun with the coffee maker and Advent calendar.
She got into trouble with the Christmas tree.
She got in some exercise climbing and swinging,
then had a nice rest in a Buffalo Bills hat.
Go Bills!
Fun with friends.
Even got into G-Ma's crafting supplies when she visited.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find the other pictures
from her visits here.  
This year, I'll be a little more organized for next year's book.
Bernadette should be arriving the day after Thanksgiving
and will be bringing this book with her as a gift for Marie.
I had a lot of fun creating this book and look forward to making
another one for 2021.

I'm glad you stopped by today and hope you are too.
Come again soon.
Until then:
have the heart of a child.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Birthday Card

It looks like fall is here, at least in our area it is.
How about in your area?
Today I'm showing you a card I made for my daughter's 
boyfriend for his birthday.
I started by embossing a piece of brown card stock
with an embossing folder.  I don't know who made it
as it was just in my stash waiting to be used.
After it was embossed, I used a sanding block over
the trees to give them a bit more detail and dimension.
I cut the Happy Birthday! with my 
Silhouette Cameo and punched the leaves with 
a punch from my stash,
using pieces from my recycle box.
Great way to use up some little scraps.
On the inside I wrote a personal note 
to him.
I, like many, struggle with masculine cards in general.
I'm not totally crazy about this card, but I think it
turned out nice and I think he appreciated it.

Thanks for visiting!
I hope you'll come again soon.
Until then,
use some scraps.

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I didn't necessarily purchase from these sites,
except where specified,
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I am in no way promoting any particular site.