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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Easter Fun with Marie

 It's time to make some Easter crafts.
I made these with my granddaughter as little
Ester gifts for those who we had Easter dinner with in 2022
They are so simple to make, just use some 
craft paint to make the foot prints.
An eraser works well for the "cheeks" and nose
and a finger print makes a great tail.
She was only 2.5 at the time, so I had to help with 
the little details, but they were very simple and 
a lot of fun.
Here they are all lined up ready to have their eyes put on.
Googly eyes on and ready to go.
Here is the other one that she made.
Carrots are always fun too.
Everyone that got them was happy to
have a Marie original.

Thanks for spending some time with here,
I hope you'll come again soon.
Until then,
try crafting with a little one.


Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Fun Easter Egg Hunt

Hello everyone!
For the last few years my son and daughter in law
have hosted Easter dinner.  They started a tradition of
having an inside Easter egg hunt.
Everyone gets to participate in searching for 
those little plastic eggs that can be filled.
They put numbers in the eggs 
whatever number you find, is the number of the cup you
get.  You punch through the tissue paper on top to 
get your prize.
You never know what you will find in the cup,
it could be a little tiny jar of Nutella
Or some magnetic clips
Or maybe a cute little pizza hand sanitizer.
Or the cup could be filled with shaving cream or whipped topping
or maybe even jello.
For our 2022 hunt, they took Marie, then 2.5 yrs old, and went shopping
at the Dollar Tree.  She picked some pretty interesting
We always have a lot of fun when we play this and sometimes
it's hard to find all the eggs, as Jaryd and Sara forget where they hid them.
No matter who wins what, we have a great time 
and I look forward to this year's hunt
Do you do Easter egg hunts with your family?
Maybe you'll want to give this a try and see how they 
like it.

Thanks for stopping in today,
I hope you enjoyed your time here
and will come again soon.
Until then,
make some fun Easter plans.


Saturday, March 18, 2023

Baby Boy Asher

Hello and Welcome!
I hope you are having a wonderful day.
My last post was a layout of my granddaughter,
so I thought I'd share one of my grandson today.
Asher was born June 24, 2022 and we were all
totally in love with this boy from the start.
Marie is a wonderful big sister and loves
her baby brother with all her heart.
Marie and Asher are almost exactly the same
difference in age as our kids,
Kelsie and Jaryd are.
Jaryd is Marie and Asher's Daddy.
If how they are now with each other is any
indications, Marie and Asher will be 
closest friends for life just like 
Daddy and Auntie Kelsie.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope
you have enjoyed your moments here and were
inspired in some way.
Come again soon.
Until then,
tell someone you love them.


Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Summer 2022 with Marie

Hello everyone!
Today I have a layout to share with y'all.
My granddaughter, Marie, is always a joy to spend
time with.  Last summer we had so much fun together.
These pictures all have a little special meaning to them.
She has some special toys at our house that she plays with more
than others.  Her huge "Mama Bear and Daddy Bear" are
by far her favorite stuffies.  She has a wonderful imagination
and lugs them around the house and onto the deck and 
acts like they are real and her best friends.
The outfit she is wearing with the pink and orange stripes
was an outfit that was my daughter's when she was little.
There were select clothes of  Kelsie's and Jaryd's that we 
kept and now the grands are wearing them.
The picture on the right just radiates her 
sweetness and beauty.
Can't tell that she is my heart, can you?

Thanks for coming by to see what I've been creating.
I hope you will come by again soon.
Until then,
see the beauty in a child.


Friday, March 10, 2023

Our Annual Family Easter Egg Competition 2022

Hello everyone.
Easter is fast approaching and I realized that I never
posted about our 
Annual Easter Egg Coloring Contest 2022,
so I thought now would be a good time.
We started in 2021 with our family competition and
like our Christmas Cookie Decorating Contest,
there is no prize except bragging rights for the year.
I post the pictures on facebook and our family and friends
vote for their favorites.
Here are the eggs from 2022
Dots and Lines by Brad 6 votes
Pray for Peace by Kristie 17 votes
Dinosaur by Jaryd 9 votes
Dino Friends by Marie (age 2.5) 12 votes
Dino-corn by Sara 18 votes
Bunny by Zoe 18 votes
And last by certainly not least,
the clear winner
Flowers by Kelsie 43 votes.

I'm glad you came by today and I hope
you are inspired in some way. 
Maybe you'll even have a friendly little
competition of your own this year.
After Easter I'll post the entries and results
of the 2023 contest.
Until then,
decorate some eggs!


Monday, March 6, 2023

Elephant Hat

I hope you are having a lovely day.
Today I have a layout to show you.
I made this elephant hat for my grandson.
Unfortunately, I made it just a little too small,
so he couldn't really wear it for more than the photos.
But he looked so darn cute.
I did change up the pattern a little bit, but only to
leave off the ties.  I had so much fun making the
hat and the layout of it.
If you are interested, 
I linked the post for the pattern above.

Thanks for stopping by today,
come again soon.
Until then,
make something that makes you smile.


Thursday, March 2, 2023

Card with Tag

Hello crafty people!
Today I have a card to share with you.
I was trying to use up some pieces that I had started
or made a while ago that were in my stash and
I came across this tag.
Don't have a clue when I made it or why,
probably just messing around.  
I thought it would be nice on a card
so I grabbed my stash of background pieces that
I had made and chose the orange one.
I thought it matched nicely with that washi tape
at the bottom of the tag.
The background piece was made with alcohol inks on
a glossy card stock.
I added the best wishes sentiment to the tag and
adhered it to the front of the card.
Done, easy peasy.
The inside, I left blank, so I could add a 
personal note or stamp it at a later time.

I appreciate that you stopped to spend a little time
with me today.
I hope you'll come again soon.
Until then,
use some of your stash and make something