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Friday, January 12, 2018

Resolutions/Setting Goals.

Happy New Year!
I hope y'all had a wonderful holiday season,
I know I did.  And now here we are in 2018 and I'm planning
on it being a great year.
2017 wasn't a bad year for me, but I think 2018 is going to
be a better one.
I've not been happy with the way the world is lately,
but there isn't a lot I can do on a big scale about that.
I can, however, make a difference in the world around me and that
is what I intend to do.
In 2017 I set myself a goal to send out more cards for various
holidays and I did just that.  I made little gifts for my family
for Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween and of course
Christmas.  This year I plan to continue sending cards as often as
I can.
I also set some new goals for myself for 2018
1)  So far I've lost 77.1 pounds and I plan to lose the rest of what
I need to lose.  I'm thinking about 25 more pounds.
If you want to read about my weight loss, click on the link 
at the top of my home page.
2)  I will be kinder to myself.  We often, especially women, are not very 
nice to ourselves.  We put ourselves down, complain about how we do or 
don't do things, criticize ourselves and talk negative to and about ourselves.
We say things to and about ourselves that we would never say to another
person.  I'm going to change that, I'm going to be kinder to myself in 2018
3)  I'm going to be more creative, especially in my art journal.
I will learn new techniques and give them a try.
I will create in my art journal more, even if it's just to try
something new and different.
4) Declutter!  My friend, Mary, challenged a group of us to 
work on decluttering and reorganizing.  I have started already by 
cleaning out the last spaces in my kitchen that needed it.  A while ago
I went through my cupboards and reorganized everything, except the 
"junk cupboard" well, now it's done along with clearing the top of the fridge
and reorganizing the pantry, yet again.
I have been working on our bathroom storage, which includes under the sink,
the vanity drawers, the medicine chest, a small storage cabinet and 2 linen
closets.  It's a huge job and it's taking me a while, but it's getting done.
I'm about 75% done with that project now.  Just have to finish organizing the
linen closets and get everything back into them.
My motto this year will be
"Declutter it, trash it, donate it, share it, sell it!"
Did you make any resolutions or set any goals for 2018?

Sorry I haven't put up any creative posts recently,
I promise I'll post something in the not too distant future.
Thanks for checking in today.
Until next time,
Say something nice to yourself!