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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

From Desk to Changing Table

Hi everyone!
Today I'm showing you a project that my 
son and daughter in law did together.
My Mom moved out of her house several
years ago and when we cleaned her house out,
Jaryd wanted her desk, so he's had it ever since.
When they found out they were pregnant, 
he decided to make her desk into a changing 
table. Recently Jaryd and his father in law got to
work on doing just that. 
I don't have a picture of the desk before, but....
here is a picture of them working on making it into 
a changing table.  In the lower left corner, you can just
see the corner of the desk. It was a very dark color, way
too dark for a baby's room.
They decided to paint it white, with the feeling that in years
to come they could always sand it down and bring it
back to it's natural state if they wanted to.
Here is what it looked like when they were done.
The hardware was painted purple, to give some
contrast and match her room. These too, can be 
changed back to their original brass if they want to.
After they got it home Sara added
a bit of vinyl to pretty it up even more.
She then took some fabric and covered the top of the 
changing area,
as well as the bottoms of the drawers.
I think they did a fabulous job with this project.
And I think G-Ma would be thrilled that her 
Great Grand daughter, Marie, will have this beautiful
changing table, that she can eventually use as her own
desk.  That top part just lifts right off, so no screws or nails
were put into the desk.
I love that my kids are creative and love doing these kind
of projects.

Thanks for coming by today and spending time here.
I hope you have been inspired to think of something 
that you can repurpose to get more use out of it.
Until next time,
think outside the box!

Friday, October 11, 2019

Flowers and Grapes

Hello crafty people!
This summer my hubby and I spent about
a week in Cape May, New Jersey with 
friends.  I love to take pictures of flowers
and they are often great color inspiration.
I thought I'd share some of the pictures of 
the flowers as well as grapes
that I took on our vacation.
Isn't nature beautiful?!?!

Thanks for stopping by today.
What do you like to take pictures of?
Come again soon,
until then, get inspired!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Challenge Swap - Halloween

Halloween isn't too far away, so my friend Lisa, 
should be able to use this soon.
The theme for our last swap was 
I decided to make a bag book with the
Halloween theme.  The challenge I made for myself
was to do something different with it, I decided to make 
the tags something a little different.
A friend suggested I make them with a candy theme,
and that got me to thinking.
We always have snack items at My Happy Place, 
where I was making this, so I used different candy and
snack wrappers for the tags.
I happened to have a small pad that was fall and 
Halloween themed paper and that worked out
perfectly.  I designed and cut the spider with my 
Silhouette. I cut it out of adhesive foil vinyl and 
added the googly eyes.
Each double page has spaces for pictures and/or journalling.
Some of them had pockets at the side for
the tags.
Here is the first tag made with a Hershey' Kisses
Love the owls!
A Cracker Jack box worked perfectly for a tag.

I cut this from a box of Rice Krispie Treats
and it works great.

I think this tag is my favorite.
Starburst on one side......
Bazooka Bubble Gum on the other side.
No, I didn't chew all that gum. 
Or eat all those treats for that matter.
Lisa loved the book,
she has kids that still dress up and do
trick or treating, so she will be able to make use of 
it this year.
I love how it turned out too.

Thanks for spending time on my blog, 
I hope you'll stop by again soon.
Until then,
Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Birthday Gifts for the Dad to be.

Welcome to Kristie Kreates!
My son's birthday was in August and 
since he's going to be a Dad in November,
I wanted to make a shirt for him.
Here is what I came up with.
I designed it with my 
Silhouette Designer Edition software,
then cut heat transfer vinyl with my
Silhouette Cameo
and applied it to the shirt with my
heat press.

I also made him a onsie for Marie.
For this I used the new 
Cricut Infusible Ink Sheets.
I created and cut it with my Silhouette
and applied it with the heat press.
I love how this product works,
easy to use and gives a great result,
as long as you use the right kind of 
fabric. The infusible ink MUST be used
on polyester fabric.
Jaryd loved his gifts and I loved making them.

Thanks for stopping by today,
I hope you'll come again soon.
You never know what you'll see on
Kristie Kreates!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Marie on the Wall

It's been a long time since I posted anything
here, sorry about that!
A lot has been going on and I also found that
my pictures were not showing up for y'all.
Hopefully, I have that problem solved now.
As many of you know, I'm going to be a 
Grandma in November.
Marie's room is going to be a combination theme
of Harry Potter, Marie from Aristocats and Disney.
Sara, my daughter in law and I got together to 
work on the nursery one day and got most of the
one wall done.
I used my Silhouette Designer Edition software
and my Silhouette Cameo
to create a large "Marie" for the wall with 
removable vinyl.
It had to be cut in a few pieces.
Each piece was then put onto transfer tape.
I made sure it was adhering to the 
transfer tape.
Then it was put on the wall.
And the transfer tape was removed, 
leaving the vinyl design behind.
First piece done.
Second piece lined up and added.
Once Marie was on the wall, I added
her Harry Potter scar and glasses.
TaDa!  Sara is so happy with how she turned out!
Sara and I also cut Harry and Disney themed characters
and "symbols" with my Silhouette and her Cricut.
Here is the wall, almost done.  Jaryd added a couple more
pieces to the wall when he got home.
I don't have pictures of the whole room for this post,
but it's just about done now, with 
twinkle lights and her furniture.
We are all thrilled with how the wall and the whole
room has turned out.

Thanks for visiting today,
I hope you've been inspired in some way.
Until next time, give something new a try,
maybe a giant cut out!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Baskets in 3 sizes

 I hope you're having a better than average day!
Today I'm showing you some baskets that I
crocheted. My friend Becky had shown some on 
Facebook that she had made and was kind enough 
to share the pattern with me.
These are all made with 3 strands of worsted wt. yarn.

The very large one is about 14" tall and about the same
width.  I have a pretty bulky blanket in it and there is
still plenty of room for another one.
The medium sized one is 5 1/2" tall,
the small one is 4 1/2"
Once I knew the "formula" for increasing
the rounds to make the bottom,
I just kind of flew by the seat of my pants
with the sizing.  I love how they turned out.
I think we'll use the big one for something
that needs to be kept here for our
grand daughter, diapers, blankets, extra clothes

Thanks for stopping by today, come again soon.
Until then, make something fun.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Twin Onsies and One for Marie

Hello crafty people!
My daughter in law's cousin just had
twins and she wanted to make some onsies for them.
I love what she did for them.
Big Buffalo Bills fans, so she made these for game 
Here are a couple pictures showing the pieces all layered
and positioned on the onsies.
Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) is so easy to work with.
I love how you can layer the HTV and position 
it to see how you like it on the onsie.
Then it just pulls apart to press it on,
layer by layer.
Here they are all done and ready for the twins.
One boy and one girl, by the way.
There was one onsie left from the pack that Sara 
bought, so she decided to make one for 
Marie while we were at it.
Huge Harry Potter fans, so this is the one
she decided on.
Can't wait to make more for that 
little grandbaby of mine!

Thanks for spending time here at my blog,
hope you'll come again soon.
You never know what you'll find on
Kristie Kreates!