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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

First painting

Hi!  How's everyone doing?
Welcome to my blog.
I have always been a little in love with watercolors,
in fact when my kids were little, I took a class in 
watercolors through adult ed in our town.  
I didn't really have time to dedicate to it and after
the course was done, I didn't pursue it anymore.
Recently, I have had a resurgence of that interest and 
decided that I want to do more watercoloring.
I have been doing it in combination with stamping,
but not creating anything on my own.
Unfortunately, there isn't a course available to me right now,
but the internet is.  I've watched a lot of videos showing different
(Let me apologize for the poor color in my pictures today.
The paper is not as yellow as it looks, it's actually much
whiter than it shows in these pictures.)
One day I was playing around with some watercolor paints,
thinking I'd make a background for some cards. 
When I looked at this, I could see hydrangeas, 
so I put it aside with the intention of figuring out how
to make it into just that.
I watched a video showing how to draw a hydrangea
and got the basic idea.
I practiced a little bit with some pencil and with great
trepidation, I picked up my Micron pen and put it to 
paper.  Once I got going on it, it wasn't so scary anymore.
It did take quite a while to put all those little flowers and leaves
on there, but it was worth it.
I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out, since
it was my first attempt at something like this.
Of course I have my criticisms of it and yes, I know
I'm really hard on myself,
but the leaves should have been bigger and the
shape a little different, fatter I think.
I would have liked to see the individual
"bunches" more defined and I could have been 
more consistent with the size of the flowers within each bunch.
Like I said, I'm pretty critical of myself, but 
that's how we learn, right?
Over all, I do like it and I'll be trying something
like this again.  But I do want to try some other
things too.
Any of you into watercolor?
Have you taken classes?
Learned from vidoes?
Just played around and learned that way?

Thanks for stopping in,
I hope you'll come again soon.
Until next time,
try something new!

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Saturday, September 15, 2018


Hi all!
Remember this card from a few posts ago?
Today I'm going to show you what I made that 
little guy for his birthday.
I decided to make him a bank, so I went to the store
and got a glass block made for crafting.
I found a free coloring page and use that to trace 
this dinosaur and all it's parts with my
Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software.
I then cut it out with my Silhouette using a couple different colors of 
vinyl.  I used black and silver and layered them.
I cut a slit in the plug and the bank was ready to go.
Oh, except that it needed a bit of money inside.
I added some coins, then my kids added some
too.  It was a nice little start for his savings.
He loved the bank when he opened it and 
any cash that he received he put right into the bank.
Maybe I should have gotten the bigger glass block.
By the time he was finished with his gifts, the bank was full
of random cash!
I love making something a little different for 
gifts and I think a bank is a great idea 
for any kid.

I'm so glad you stopped by today.
Thanks, I hope you have been inspired in some
way and will come again soon.
Until next time,
have fun creating!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Hey everybody!
How are things going in your world?
I've been keeping busy with wedding things,
as well as a bunch of other activities.
One of the things I was busy for a while
with was a pinata.
Jaryd and Sara thought it would be fun
to have a pinata at their wedding and asked if I 
would make one for them.
Then Sara came to me and asked if I would
make it for Jaryd's stag party instead.
Of course I agreed.
I have only made one other pinata and that
was for Jaryd's 5th birthday, I made it so strong
that even the fathers couldn't break it open.
They wanted this one just as strong.
I started out by getting a 24" balloon and
blowing it up.
I then mixed flour and water together to make
a "paste"  I dipped torn news paper strips into
the paste and put them onto the balloon.
Jaryd helped me tie some twine around the whole
thing, so it would be able to hang.
I made sure to cover all parts of the balloon.
We hung it from a nail on our deck to dry, 
which worked, except it cracked and I needed to do
a bit of repair work.
I applied a couple more layers and added more twine.
I wanted to be sure this baby didn't just fall.
After a couple more layers applied and dried,
it was time to remove the balloon, 
so I pulled it out a bit and cut a hole into it.
Then I cut a hole in the pinata so I could take the
balloon out and put the
prizes inside.
Here's the poor balloon that was inside.
Here are the prizes that I loaded into the pinata.
When I went shopping for them, I just wandered around
a couple bargain stores and picked up some fun 
I also included a few "special" prizes. 
These had this note on them.
These were also for special prizes.
Yep, that's a picture of me! LOL
That pinata was pretty full.
I put the cut out piece back onto the pinata and
covered it with another couple layers of paper
and paste.
Now it was time to paint it.
I took it outside and gave it a couple good coats
of spray paint.
We live in the Buffalo, NY area and we
are big Buffalo Bills fans, so they wanted the 
pinata to be made to look like
Tom Brady so they could
Bash Brady.
This is what it looked like with his picture on it.
It took a bit of figuring, but I finally
printed the picture in 4 parts, pieced them 
together into one big picture and used
Mod Podge to adhere it to the pinata.
I also printed and cut out a deflated football
and Mod Podged it to the other side.
They loved how the pinata turned out.
The plan was to charge a buck to bash Brady 
at the stag.  
This was prize #1 for whoever picked up those
Carefree panty liners.
This was prize #2
It's a bottle opener that has a magnetic
bottom to catch the bottle caps and a 
six pack of Labatts beer.
Prize #3 was a tee shirt, a Buffalo magnet, a Buffalo
coaster and hot sauces.
Everyone loved the pinata,
but it didn't raise as much money as we hoped.
Brian, the best man, had a wiffle bat to hit it with,
but had brought a real bat along too.
He knew how strong the one I made for Jaryd's
birthday was, because he was there and still remembers
it.  He figured if they couldn't break it with the wiffle bat,
they would break it with the real bat.
Unfortunately, the first one to hit the pinata, saw the real
bat, put down the wiffle bat and used the real
bat on it right away.  Needless to say, it didn't last long,
with a bunch of guys hitting it with a real bat.
But they did have fun with it and that's what 

Thanks for stopping by today,
Have you ever made a pinata?
It's easy and fun, give it a try.
Come again soon,
you never know what you'll find on
Kristie Kreates.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Beauty and Plattsburg

Hello and welcome back.
Today I have a couple more layouts for the 
wedding scrapbook.
Sara's Mom is a photographer, so they went to visit her and she took
some engagement pictures of them.  They invited our daughter
along and pictures were taken of  brother and sister.
This layout is some of my favorite pictures from that shoot.
You can't see it in the picture, but those kind of smudged 
areas are there for a reason.  The entire sheet of card stock
is embossed with words about family.
I inked over the ones that I wanted to stand out.
At the bottom is says
"Family is Forever"
and through out the page brother and sister are highlighted.
Jaryd is Kelsie's little brother, but he is hardly that.  She calls
 him her big little brother and she is his little big sister.
This certainly fits since he is almost a foot taller than she is.
I just love these pictures of them together.
This layout is a title page, of sorts, about that trip.
Plattsburgh is where her Mom lives and 
the pictures are from Places......
......Pumpkins, People and more.
There will be more layouts with pictures from that
trip and the fun they had together.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Come back again soon, you never know
what you'll find on
Kristie Kreates!

Monday, September 3, 2018


Hi Everyone!
Today I have a card to show you.
I made this for a little guy who absolutely
LOVES dinosaurs.

The background is one from my stash.
I made it with alcohol inks and glossy card stock.
I seldom use any kind of sticker, but when I found
some dinosaur stickers in my stash, I knew I
had to use this one for Lennon.
The "Happy Birthday" was stamped with
Staz-On black ink.

Inside I used some of my alphabet stamps to
stamp this sentiment.
I think he'll love this card.

Thanks for stopping by today,
come again soon.
Until then
be creative!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Flower Making

What happens when a guy grows up with a 
crafty Mom and gets engaged to a crafty girlfriend?
He ends up doing crafty things for their wedding!
This is a little peak at what we are working on for 
Jaryd and Sara's wedding.
I'm not going to go into detail about what is being done
with these flowers, but I wanted to give you a little
teaser and a peak at some of our fun.
These flowers are made from a product called
It's been around for quite a while, I remembered
 using it when I was a teen and looked it up on the internet.
I found one place in the US that carries this product,
so I ordered a can to see how it would work.
It worked great, so we ordered more.
Clay Alley has been fabulous and quick with our orders.
Each flower has to be formed with wire, then dipped into the 
film, pulled out, then sprinkled glitter and set to dry.  
They dry fairly quickly.  The glitter doesn't totally
adhere to the film, so once they are dry, 
Jaryd takes them outside and sprays them with 
hairspray. This does the trick.
Here are some of the flowers he made.
Here is Sara, working on another part of the
Thanks for stopping by today,
I hope I've made you curious about what
we'll be making with those flowers.
I also hope you'll stop by 
and see what they have to offer.
We're loving the Dip It Fantasy Film,
but they have a lot of other products 
to check out.
Until next time,
enjoy crafting something fun!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Shower Card

Welcome to Kristie Kreates!
Today I have a card to show you.
This is the card I made for my almost daughter in law
for her bridal shower.

Sara is mostly Irish and loves her Irish heritage,
so I thought this heart was appropriate for her card.
I stamped "large knot heart" onto
white card stock with purple Distress Ink.
(I'm not sure which purple this is)
I trimmed down the image and adhered it to
a background from my stash.
This one was done on glossy paper with
alcohol inks.
I then adhered it to a gray card base.

On the inside I cut a piece of plain white card stock
then adhered thin strips of the same background
paper to the sides before adhering it to the inside
of the card.
I love that little pop of color inside the card.

Since this card was an odd size, I used my
We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board
to make an envelope for the card in a coordinating color.
I know Sara appreciated the card, she loves hand
made cards and gifts.

Thanks for coming by today.
I hope you are having a crafty day
and were inspired in some way while
you were visiting.
Hope to see you again soon.
Until then,
happy crafting!

Note the links are only to give a reference so you can
see what the products are.
I didn't necessarily purchase from these sites,
except where specified,
and you may find better prices elsewhere,
I am in no way promoting any particular site.