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Friday, December 7, 2018

French Toast Roll Ups

Hi blog fans!
Today I have something a little different.
I was home alone for dinner and I decided to
have a little breakfast for dinner.
So I made French Toast Roll Ups.
Very simple.
Take a piece of white bread and cut off the crust.
Then use a rolling pin to flatten the bread.
Spread a bit of cream cheese on one end of the bread,
and add some fruit, I used some mashed raspberries.
Starting at the end with the cream cheese,
roll it up.
Dip the rolled bread into melted butter and then
into sugar.
Cook in the air fryer for about 5 minutes, or in
the over for 10-15 minutes.

Here's what you end up with.

And inside is that yummy filling.
I made these for friends and mixed the cream cheese and
fruit together before spreading on the bread.
They were wonderful and everyone loved them.
You can use whatever fruit you like, or use
sugar and cinnamon, or peanut butter or
Nutella, use your imagination and
see what you can come up with.

Thanks for stopping in today,
I hope you'll give these a try, they are
simple, quick and very tasty.
Until next time,
try something new.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Down the Path and Food

Welcome to Kristie Kreates!
Today I have a couple layouts from Jaryd and Sara's
engagement trip to her Mom's for pictures
I love this sequence of pictures and had to use them.
My friend Judy suggested the title and I thought 
it was perfect for the layout.
From what the kids tell me, it was a feast every time 
they ate.  Like the layout says,
"Nobody goes hungry at Mom's"
To finish off this layout, I added shiny red confetti
in groups around the layout.
I think they pull it all together.
It was also Sara's birthday while they were there, 
so of course they had to celebrate with a cake.
Kind of wish I had a little bit of purple confetti
for that little birthday area.
Thanks for stopping by and spending time here.
Come again soon and see what else I'm up to.
Until then:
Be Scrap Happy!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Tent cards

Today I have a wedding project to show you.
Sara asked for a few reserved signs for the tables at the
reception and for seats at the wedding.
These are what I came up with.
They had a loose nautical theme to the wedding,
thus the knotted rope.
These were simple to make, just create and print
then fold into tents cards.
We had a couple vegans and vegetarians at the wedding
and rehearsal linner. (Linner is late lunch - early dinner)
 So I made some to designate what
they could eat safely.
The kids asked for a taco bar for the rehearsal linner,
so that's what I did for them.
I wanted to be sure everyone knew what they were
getting to eat, so I made a few signs for them.

These were quick and easy to make.
They made things easy for people at the linner.

I'm glad you came by to spend time with me today,
come again soon.
Until then:
Happy Crafting!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Black Friday Goodies

Hello and welcome!
Yesterday was my annual 
Black Friday Crop.
This is my favorite crop of the year.
I always have a "goodie bag" for the scrappers,
and this is one of the things I included in their goodies
this year.
I made little gift boxes for each scrapper.
They were inspired by this post from one of my 
favorite blogs.  I just adjusted the dimensions to what
I needed for the tags.
If you have never visited, give it a try,
she has some wonderful projects.
Inside were 6 handmade gift tags.
I made all of them and love how they turned out.
Do you make your own gift tags for Christmas and/or
other occasions?
Thanks for stopping by today.  
I hope you've been inspired in some way.
Come again soon.
Until then,
Happy Crafting!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Sun Glasses

Today I'm showing you one of the
projects that I did for Jaryd and Sara's wedding.
Since the wedding was outside, 
they ordered sunglasses for all the wedding party.
They asked me to personalize them for everyone
with names and what part they were had the wedding party.
These were the attendants on Sara's side.
These are the attendants on Jaryd's side.
They all looked great in their sunglasses.
Thanks for spending time with me today,
come again soon.
You never know what you'll find on
Kristie Kreates!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Nursery School

Hi all and welcome!
Since my son just got married, I thought it would be
a good time to show y'all this layout of him in nursery school.
As you can tell, I'm WAY behind on my scrapbooking.
To be fair, I wasn't scrapping when my kids were little,
so things are a bit late, but I think I have all his school
pictures done now.
I loved that they let me have a picture taken with him
at their photo day.
If you click on the pictures you can see them larger
and his best man at the wedding is in the class pictures.
Best man, Brian, is in the top row, 2 away from the teacher.
In this picture, Brian is in the back row, right in front of
the teacher.
Best buddies since they were 3 yrs old.

Thanks for stopping by today.
I hope you will pop in again soon.
Until then,
Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Practice Hair

Practice hair,
Have you heard of it?
Today's layout is about going for "practice hair"
Most of the girls had never had the hair stylist that
Sara uses to have their hair done.
So one day we all went to have April do their hair,
and see if they liked what she did.
Here are the 4 girls from the wedding party,
with their hair done.
For each girl I wanted to do something a little different
for their pictures and layout.
To see the pictures better, click on them and they
will enlarge for you.
Sara had a practice session too, since she doesn't 
wear her hair up, ever!
Her background piece is made using alcohol inks
on silver card stock.
The embellishment along the sides, I designed
and cut with my Silhouette.
Her sister, Maid of Honor
This background was made with alcohol inks on
deli paper. the border and the heart embellishment,
were cut on my Silhouette.
And that layout isn't as crooked as it looks,
sorry about the bad picture.
My daughter
Best Lady
For this background I used some embossed paper.
I used an ink blending too to add Distress Ink 
to the raised areas.  I cut out some of the flowers
from the inked paper as embellishments.
This background is 2 different papers that I cut into
strips and then wove together.
For the embellishments I cut the vines, leaves and flowers
with my Silhouette to mimic the flowers in her hair.
And finally, one of my favorite techniques.
I stamped and heat embossed with clear embossing powder,
then used Distress Ink to ink over the embossing.
Buffing with a clean cloth helps remove any ink on
the embossed areas, so they show up nice and white.
I cut pieces from the same pattern to 
use for embellishments.
I'm very happy with how these layouts turned out.
I had a lot of fun doing the different techniques for 
each layout.
I hope you've enjoyed these layouts and are inspired in
some way to try something new and different.
Thanks for coming by and spending time here.
Come again soon!
Until next time,
Think Outside the Box!

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