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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sad News

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for checking in today and every day.
Sorry I haven't had anything new up in a while.
I'll try to get back to my blogging soon.
If you've been following me for a while you
probably know that my 93 yr old Mom was 
living in an assisted living center.
On April 21st I got a call that she was being sent
to the hospital and I should meet her there.
I went and she was doing fairly well, in fact 
did well for a few days and we had plans for her to
go to rehab to gain strength, to return home, that Wednesday.
But she started to decline and we ended up having her
 on palliative care.
To make a long story short,
we lost my sweet Mom on May 4th.
I was with her when she passed.
We had a lovely memorial service for her and
will be planting a tree in her memory,
hopefully at the home where she lived these past 
nearly 5 yrs.
It's hard moving on, but I'm at peace with her passing.
I miss her all the time and find myself wanting to call her
to ask her something or give her some news.
I know the pain will get better in time, 
but I know I will always miss her sweet disposition and
lovely smile.
All I can do is try to be like her and remember all the 
wonderful times together.
Here are some pictures of her through the years.
She was born in 1924,
I'm guessing this was taken in 1926.
This is Mom with her older sister Margaret,
who passed away at the age of 9,
not much after this picture was taken.
I believe this was taken when she was
in 8th grade or there abouts.
This is Mom's high school senior picture.
Not sure of the year of this picture.
Don't know when this picture was taken,
but it's one of my very favorites.
Sorry this isn't a better picture, but this is my 
parents wedding picture,
October 20, 1945
In her room at Sacred Heart Home
within the last couple years.
Mom loved to go out to eat and Ted's for a
foot long was one of her favorites.
At my brother's house, I believe for 
This is with my kids at my nieces home for a family
picnic a few years ago.
At my nephew's wedding, it had a 
roaring 20's theme.
This picture is from a few years ago, when
my kids, Mom and I went on our annual 
pumpkin hunt, then out to dinner.
Probably my favorite picture of her,
I think it shows her sweetness and
her true beauty.
Mom will be missed by many for as my 
daughter said
"She was insanely loved by everyone who met her"

Friday, May 4, 2018

More Holiday Themed Crop Ideas

In my last post I was talking about our 
holiday themed weekend crop.
For this crop we had the biggest group we've ever hosted.
There were several new people, so I thought
it would be a good idea to have name plates on the tables
so everyone could learn names.
I had little tent name plates and decided
to add some holiday themed stamps to them.
Each cropper was to put their name on it and color
it if they chose to.
Here is what I came up with.

All these stamps are available through

Thanks for stopping by and spending time with me,
come again soon.
Until then,
happy stamping!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Crop Goodies

This weekend is our
Spring Weekend Crop at 
Dunkirk Camp and Conference Center.
We decided to have a Holiday Celebration theme.
Here are a few of the things we have going on 
for this weekend.
Every cropper will get a goodie bag that is a Christmas
Stocking with goodies in it.
Everyone gets an ornament in their stocking
along with some Ghiradelli
  peppermint bark, Lindt Lindor chocolates, a
ticket to win a prize and more.
For Valentines Day they will each receive a box
of Conversation Hearts. I was one short so I made
a little box for one person and filled it with 
Good and Plenty candies.
For Halloween they will pick up a treat for
trick or treating when they get their dinner.
One of the boxes has a prize sticker on the bottom.
They are filled with a variety of candy.
We're also having an Easter egg hunt, with
one egg containing a gold coin to win a 
prize basket.
A ring toss game for 4th of July,
a Christmas Trivia game,
Valentine's word scramble,
a New Year's Eve count down on
Saturday night
and lots of fun prizes.
I think it will be a great time.

By the time this is posted the crop will be over,
and we'll all be recovering from our 
time scrapping and crafting.
If you've ever been to a weekend crop,
you know that a lot of sleeping doesn't happen.
I'm sure everyone had a fun time.
Couldn't post this sooner and ruin the surprises.
Thanks for stopping in today,
come again soon.
Until then,
have fun crafting!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Make Up Stencils

Hi everyone.
Today I have something a little different to show you.
Y'all know I love my Silhouette Cameo,
I've found another use for it and vinyl.
These are "Make Up Stencils"
My daughter loves make up and although she hasn't
blogged in a while, she has put a lot up on Instagram.
She needed some stencils to use when she was doing
swatches of different make ups.
She wanted different shapes and sizes and these are 
a few of what I came up with.
The lips are, of course for lipstick swatches
Here's how she uses them.
She weeds out the lip part of the stencil,
She takes off the backing and sticks the vinyl to her hand,
Then covers it with lip color, and removes the stencil.
How cool is that?!?!
This is one she uses on her arm for 
eye shadows and blushes.
Again, apply the make up,
and remove the stencil and you have make up 
For something like this, she asked me to make
stencils that have the same kind of shape as the 
make up pallet,
showing them in the same placement on her arm.
If you're interested check her out on instagram

There are so many things you can do with a
Silhouette Cameo!
Keep coming up with more things all the time.
Thanks for visiting.
Come again soon, you never know what your find on
Kristie Kreates.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Vegan Lasagna

Hi All!
Today I have something a little different for you.
Vegan Lasagna!
One of the guys in my son's wedding party and his girlfriend
are vegan and since I will be doing the rehearsal party, 
I wanted to see what I could make that they would be able 
to eat.  I talked to Sara, Jaryd's fiance, and she said they
like lasagna and they make their "ricotta" with cashews.
I researched it on the internet and found a recipe for the
ricotta and decided to give it a try.
It was really quite simple.
I took raw cashews, soaked them for a couple hours.
after draining off the excess water, they went into the 
food processor.  I added some garlic cloves and other 
seasoning including nutritional yeast,
then gave it a good whirl.
I was surprised at how tasty it was.
The texture was not quite as creamy as ricotta, but 
worked nicely in the lasagna.
I didn't want to use pasta and love to use zucchini instead,
so that's what I did, no gluten in this baby.
I forgot to take a picture before I added more layers,
but you can see that ricotta, it's a beige color.
I did get some vegan mozzarella, so that went in too.
More zucchini and sauce and it was ready for the oven.
I filled this with lots of veggies, broccoli, cauliflower, 
mushrooms and the zucchini.
I should have kept some of the mozzarella for the top,
but there wasn't a lot of it.
Okay, I know, this doesn't look all that pretty.
Would have looked better if I had let it sit for a little
longer before serving it. Once it was cooled, it sure 
did cut and serve better.
How did it taste?
We both absolutely loved it.
What would I do differently?
I probably wouldn't use the vegan mozzarella at all.
I didn't think it added much flavor to the dish, the
various veggies, the cashew ricotta and the sauce were
plenty of flavor.
The other evening, I made some more of the cashew
ricotta from the left over cashews and made
some zucchini roll ups with it.
This time they weren't vegan, I use real mozzarella
along with the ricotta and rolled it up in
slices of zucchini added some sauce and it was delicious.

Here's the funny part. 
After all that research and trying out this 
vegan dish, I was talking to the kids and they
want to have a taco bar for the rehearsal dinner.
I don't need the vegan lasagna now,
but I'm glad I learned how to make it and 
we really did love it.
If I need a dairy free dish, I'll be able to make it.
Now to find a vegan taco filling and dessert.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my adventures
in vegan cooking.  I'll let you know how the tacos and 
dessert go.
Thanks for stopping in, come again soon,
you never know what you'll find on 
Kristie Kreates!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Hi all!
Is it spring like in your area yet?
Here in Western NY, as of the time I'm writing 
this post, we are just coming through an ice storm.
Luckily it wasn't as bad as they predicted, but still,
it's mid April, it should be more spring than winter.
This is what it looks like outside my kitchen window right now.
That isn't even really snow, it's frozen over ice pellets. 
At least it isn't solid ice, right?!?!
So, today I'm going to bring something bright, cheerful 
and springy to my blog.
I wanted to try out the water color markers that
I picked up a while ago.
I bought an inexpensive set at 
Michael's that were on sale.
I believe they are Artist Loft.
I've seen several videos recently
using markers, so thought I'd give it a try.
I stamped the image onto watercolor paper with
Using the MISTI is a great help, because the 
watercolor paper has texture and is more difficult
to get a clear crisp image.  With the MISTI I could 
stamp it as many times as needed, with no problem.
I found the I really enjoyed coloring with these 
markers, they blended nicely using an aqua pen.
This is the sentiment I stamped on the inside of the card.

I love how this card turned out and I'll
definitely be using those watercolor marker 
again soon.

Things have been a little hectic around here lately,
I'm working on designing and making the 
invitations for my son's wedding,
so forgive me if I don't get things posted 
as often as I like to.
I'll try to give y'all a sneak peak of what I'm
working with for the invitations soon.

Thanks for spending some time with me,
I hope to 'see' you again soon.
Until then,
try something new!

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