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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Shower Gifts

Hello crafty people!
Today I'm showing you what I put together for my 
almost daughter in law as a shower gift.
The shower was last Sunday, so she already has these,
not a secret anymore.
I knew she wanted a hat for their honeymoon as I had
seen it on their registry.  I called my son and asked him to
take it off the registry so no one would buy it for her.
Then I found a hat and vinyled it for her.
I decided not to use heat transfer vinyl,
I thought she probably won't want her hat to say
"Just Married" forever.
The vinyl stuck great, but it will be able to be
removed when she is ready to take it off.
I thought a nice tote bag would be a good thing to have 
while going to the beach, shopping or where ever,
so I got this tote and added the monogram with the same vinyl.
I told her we can change out the vinyl if this doesn't last,
but I wanted it to match the hat for now.
I think they turned out pretty nice and she loved them too.
Here is a picture of her with the gifts I gave her.
I decorated them with purple silk flowers.
She told me she loves Blue Willow china,
so I started her collection for her.
And the hat fits!
The other part of her shower gift she already had,
that was their wedding invitations.
We designed them together and I made them.
I love making gifts special, don't you?
Now, on to more wedding prep.

Thanks for stopping by today,
come again soon, you never know what you'll find on
Kristie Kreates!
(Hint, I'm making something for Jaryd's stag)

Friday, August 10, 2018

Engagement pics? and Announcing

Hi everyone!
As you may know, if you have been following me for a while,
my son, Jaryd, is getting married in September.
I have started their wedding scrapbook already, as there
 is so much to include.
A few weeks ago, I went to a weekend long crop and
got some layouts done for their book.
Today, I'm starting to share some of the layouts with you.
Jaryd's fiance's mom is a photographer and quite a while ago,
they visited her and she took some beautiful pictures of the two
of them together.  When they were posted on facebook, everyone loved
them and I can't tell you how many times I heard;
"Are those engagement pictures?"
To which I answered;
"Not yet."
These are some of the pictures that Yvonne took 
of them.  I love them.
After Jaryd and Sara got engaged, in August, 2017
they arranged a little outing with the closest family members
to announce the date they would be getting married.
On 9-5-17 they announced the date and also 
Jaryd asked his sister, Kelsie, to be his "Best Lady"
I was lucky enough to catch her reaction when she opened
a gift and found the question inside.
The dinner took place at Sara's father's boat dock,
it is a beautiful place, as you can see in the pictures.
Then they asked our close friend, "Aunt" Zoe, his Godmother,
to officiate at the wedding.
They made a cup that said
"We can't say I Do without  You!"
on it.  
Sara went to Zoe and pulled out a "ring pop" 
and asked her,
"Will you marry us?"
Zoe was so surprised and delighted
and said "Yes"
And they put the 'ring' on her finger and
made it official.
And from then on the planning began.

I'm so glad you have stopped in today.
I'll be posting some of the other layouts that
I have made soon.
The kids have seen some of them
and those I'll post, others they won't see until I
finish the book, so you'll also have to wait to see them.
Thanks for letting me share our journey to the wedding 
with y'all.
I hope you'll enjoy the trip with me.
 I'll be posting other 
things we're making for the wedding along the way also.
Thanks again, see you soon.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Hello fans!
Today I have a project that my almost 
daughter in law and I did together.
She needed to make a onsie for one of her friends
whose little girl was turning 1.
Mom wanted a Minnie Mouse "one" on the 
front.  I have the heat press, so Sara asked me 
to give a hand.
Once we got the design just perfect, we 
cut it with my Silhouette Cameo from 
glitter heat transfer vinyl, placed it on the onsie,
then pressed it with my heat press.
Here is how the onsie turned out.
Cute isn't it?!?!
And close up.
And here is the little 1 year old in her
onsie and her sweet little tutu skirt.
Is she adorable or what?!?!
Have you ever used heat transfer vinyl?
If so, what kinds of things have you made 
with it?

Thanks for stopping by today, come again soon,
you never know what you'll find on
Kristie Kreates.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thank You...

Hello, I hope you are having a great day!
Today I'm showing you a card I made for
a good friend.
My Mom passed away in early May and my friend
jumped right in to help me in any way she could.
She came to be with us and help for the memorial service,
give me a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear.
There is no way I could repay her love and support,
but I wanted to at least make her a thank you card.
This is what I made for her.
Yupo paper is a plastic paper and is so much
fun to work on.
For some areas I dropped the ink onto the paper,
then used a straw to blow the ink across the paper,
other areas, I simply added Blending Solution and
let the ink flow where it wanted to flow.
I also used gold Deco Foil on some areas that 
were still tacky, to give it a metallic shine.
The sentiment was heat embossed with 
onto vellum.

Thanks for stopping by today.
I hope you'll stop by again soon.
Until then,
Happy Crafting!

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see what the products are.
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except where specified,
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Saturday, June 30, 2018


Hello fans!
I'm back, it's been a while since I've posted any
new projects, but I'm back at it.
I have had some time to create and will try to
post often again.

Today I'm sharing a card I made for friends that 
we visited on our trip south.
I, like many others, have become enamoured
with the string pulling that has become the
latest rage.
I am having a lot of fun with this technique,
if you are interested, check on YouTube for 
"string pulling"
you will find a lot of great videos there.
For this image I used plain white string,
you can use any kind you like, and 
The "thanks" is embossed with
In this picture, you can see the shimmer and shine
that the mat around that pink image has.
I love how this card turned out and have
plans to make more cards with these 
string pulled images.

Thanks for stopping in today,
come again soon.
Until next time,
try something new!

Note the links are only to give a reference so you can
see what the products are.
I didn't necessarily purchase from these sites,
except where specified,
and you may find better prices elsewhere,
I am in no way promoting any particular site.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Father's Day

Hello all!
I know this is really late for Father's Day,
but I wanted to share this card I made for my husband.
It, obviously, could be used for any occasion,
with just a different sentiment.
Recently I have been spending a lot of my 
crafty time making backgrounds for my stash.
One of the techniques I've been doing a lot is
using alcohol inks, dropping them onto different
papers and seeing what I get.
There are many techniques that you can use to
make different patterns.
For this one, I dropped ink onto a piece of vellum.
I used blending solution to help the inks flow and mix.
When most of the ink was dry, but there were spots
that were still a little tacky, I applied 
The foil adhered to the tacky ink creating 
shiny blue areas on the background piece.
I wrapped the vellum background around a
piece of white card stock to make it more sturdy
then adhered it to a white card base.
The sentiment was stamped with 
Here you can see where the blue foil has adhered to the 
ink, giving a metallic shine.
I've been having so much fun creating backgrounds 
for my stash, I've built up quite a collection.
Now I just have to get to work making cards and
other projects with them.

Thanks for popping in to check out what I've been up to.
Come again soon,
you never know what you'll find on
Kristie Kreates!

Note the links are only to give a reference so you can
see what the products are.
I didn't necessarily purchase from these sites,
except where specified,
and you may find better prices elsewhere,
I am in no way promoting any particular site.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sad News

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for checking in today and every day.
Sorry I haven't had anything new up in a while.
I'll try to get back to my blogging soon.
If you've been following me for a while you
probably know that my 93 yr old Mom was 
living in an assisted living center.
On April 21st I got a call that she was being sent
to the hospital and I should meet her there.
I went and she was doing fairly well, in fact 
did well for a few days and we had plans for her to
go to rehab to gain strength, to return home, that Wednesday.
But she started to decline and we ended up having her
 on palliative care.
To make a long story short,
we lost my sweet Mom on May 4th.
I was with her when she passed.
We had a lovely memorial service for her and
will be planting a tree in her memory,
hopefully at the home where she lived these past 
nearly 5 yrs.
It's hard moving on, but I'm at peace with her passing.
I miss her all the time and find myself wanting to call her
to ask her something or give her some news.
I know the pain will get better in time, 
but I know I will always miss her sweet disposition and
lovely smile.
All I can do is try to be like her and remember all the 
wonderful times together.
Here are some pictures of her through the years.
She was born in 1924,
I'm guessing this was taken in 1926.
This is Mom with her older sister Margaret,
who passed away at the age of 9,
not much after this picture was taken.
I believe this was taken when she was
in 8th grade or there abouts.
This is Mom's high school senior picture.
Not sure of the year of this picture.
Don't know when this picture was taken,
but it's one of my very favorites.
Sorry this isn't a better picture, but this is my 
parents wedding picture,
October 20, 1945
In her room at Sacred Heart Home
within the last couple years.
Mom loved to go out to eat and Ted's for a
foot long was one of her favorites.
At my brother's house, I believe for 
This is with my kids at my nieces home for a family
picnic a few years ago.
At my nephew's wedding, it had a 
roaring 20's theme.
This picture is from a few years ago, when
my kids, Mom and I went on our annual 
pumpkin hunt, then out to dinner.
Probably my favorite picture of her,
I think it shows her sweetness and
her true beauty.
Mom will be missed by many for as my 
daughter said
"She was insanely loved by everyone who met her"

Friday, May 4, 2018

More Holiday Themed Crop Ideas

In my last post I was talking about our 
holiday themed weekend crop.
For this crop we had the biggest group we've ever hosted.
There were several new people, so I thought
it would be a good idea to have name plates on the tables
so everyone could learn names.
I had little tent name plates and decided
to add some holiday themed stamps to them.
Each cropper was to put their name on it and color
it if they chose to.
Here is what I came up with.

All these stamps are available through

Thanks for stopping by and spending time with me,
come again soon.
Until then,
happy stamping!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Crop Goodies

This weekend is our
Spring Weekend Crop at 
Dunkirk Camp and Conference Center.
We decided to have a Holiday Celebration theme.
Here are a few of the things we have going on 
for this weekend.
Every cropper will get a goodie bag that is a Christmas
Stocking with goodies in it.
Everyone gets an ornament in their stocking
along with some Ghiradelli
  peppermint bark, Lindt Lindor chocolates, a
ticket to win a prize and more.
For Valentines Day they will each receive a box
of Conversation Hearts. I was one short so I made
a little box for one person and filled it with 
Good and Plenty candies.
For Halloween they will pick up a treat for
trick or treating when they get their dinner.
One of the boxes has a prize sticker on the bottom.
They are filled with a variety of candy.
We're also having an Easter egg hunt, with
one egg containing a gold coin to win a 
prize basket.
A ring toss game for 4th of July,
a Christmas Trivia game,
Valentine's word scramble,
a New Year's Eve count down on
Saturday night
and lots of fun prizes.
I think it will be a great time.

By the time this is posted the crop will be over,
and we'll all be recovering from our 
time scrapping and crafting.
If you've ever been to a weekend crop,
you know that a lot of sleeping doesn't happen.
I'm sure everyone had a fun time.
Couldn't post this sooner and ruin the surprises.
Thanks for stopping in today,
come again soon.
Until then,
have fun crafting!