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Monday, February 23, 2015

Ireland #25 Clonmacnoise

We had another wonderful breakfast on our last day in Ireland.
Then we were off to visit Clonmacnoise, but first we 
had to take a couple pictures.
Here is a picture of the Celtic Adventurers with 
the proprietress of the B&B.
Here she is with her son, who helped her in the kitchen,
served our breakfast, gave us some traveling 
advice and has an absolutely adorable little girl.
And one last flower picture for the trip.
This was one of the hydrangea in front of the B&B.
So pretty and such a beautiful color.

We had to make our way to the next B&B which was
near the airport and as it worked out, Clonmacnoise was
just about half way there.
Clonmacnoise is an ancient monastic settlement.
It was founded by St. Ciaran in the year 544 
Not long after his arrival Ciaran met Prince Diarmuid,
together they built the first church on this site.
Sadly Ciaran did not live to see the monastery grow and flourish,
as he died of the plague just 4 short years after settling it
at the age of 33.
But flourish it did.
Over the years there the settlement was attacked
and burned many times.
It was pillaged and many were murdered, but
 it rose up again and again.
The ruins are incredible and the 
Celtic crosses are absolutely amazing.
The originals are about 1000 yrs old and are kept inside
the "visitor's center" 
The ones that stand outside are replicas.

This is the guide we had for our visit.

This is the whispering arch.
With this arch, if a person stands on either side of the arch
and faces that largest arch and another stands on the other side
 of the arch, when one whispers into the arch, the other person can clearly hear
what is being said.
Here is a picture that I found online showing people whispering
into the arch.  Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture like this.
They just whisper in one side and the other person can hear
clearly what is being said.
Dave and I tried it and it is quite amazing how clear you 
can hear what is being said.
Here are some of the pictures I took of the graveyard and
ruins at this site.

The pictures below are of the original 
Celtic crosses that are approximately 1000 yrs old.

If you click on the picture below (or any of the pictures) 
it will enlarge and you can read a little about St. Ciaran
We spent a couple hours at Clonmacnoise and
I enjoyed every minute of it.
So much history in one place. 
Amazing and beautiful in a haunting kind of way.

Then we were off for a nice lunch.
We wanted to do a little shopping back in 
Bunratty so we went to have lunch at 
The Creamery
We were here at the beginning of our adventure
and I do believe they had the best
Fish and Chips
of the trip. 
And that is exactly what I ordered
It was fabulous!

After lunch we went over to the Blarney Woolen Mills
to do a little shopping, then into the shop at the
Blarney Castle.
We all finished up buying souvenirs and 
gifts for family and friends.
Then we were off to check in to our B&B
for our last night in Ireland.

The Knocknagow B&B wasn't our favorite,
but it was clean, comfortable and close to the airport.

Thanks for visiting with me today.
Ireland #26 will be the last post from our 
Ireland trip and I'll tell you about 
the Medieval Banquet at
Bunratty Castle.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie,

Just read your #25 of Ireland today, love the Celtic Crosses!! They hydrangea was also very pretty at the B & B.

Irene Hessler

Susan (rainy) said...

What a wonderful adventure you are having, Kristie!!