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Saturday, August 27, 2016

My New Paper Trimmer and Why I Love It!

Hello crafty peeps!
Many years ago I bought a 12" paper trimmer
that I loved.  It was a Fiskars rotary trimmer and I used it
to death.  Unfortunately, Fiskars changed their cutters and that
one was no longer available and neither were the blades or the little
strip that the blade cuts into under the paper.
I looked everywhere and couldn't find the blades anywhere.
Finally, I e-mailed Fiskars and told them my problem and asked
if there was anywhere I could get the replacement parts.
After a few weeks I was starting to get annoyed that I hadn't heard
back from them, when I got an e-mail saying my 
replacement tool or parts were in the mail.
I was out of town at the time and when I returned home,
there was a brand new paper trimmer from Fiskars.
Totally free and unexpected!
Now that is some wonderful customer service.
Here is what I love about this trimmer.
I love that it has a stainless steel guide wire, it says that
it won't fray or break.  Now I'm sure that if it did, they would
stand by their product.
The guide wire shows you exactly where you'll be cutting.
I like that it is a nice size, there is plenty of room for the paper
to rest on the cutter and that the base has clear lines.
There are also darker lines and measurements showing 
popular sizes like 3x5 and 4x6 and 5x7
The measuring arm folds out and clicks into place,
it also is longer than 12"
It is actually a little longer than 15"
I love that it has this locking mechanism.  When the
cutter is not in use it can be locked so the "cutting arm" doesn't 
open and close when it's being carried or packed to take
to a crop.
I love that it has rubber feet.
The orange corner ones keep it from moving around
when I'm using it.
I also love that it has that support "structure" in the center
of the bottom.  The feet add a bit more stability and the 
triangle area gives more stability to the center of the 
cutter.  If you are putting any pressure on the center of the
cutter, it doesn't easily give and bend, it's nice and solid.
I used this cutter for the first time today and it cut beautifully.
I'm sure this cutter is going to last me a good long time,
I'm going to pick up a few extra blades to have on hand,
I know I'm going to be giving this baby quite a work out.
So there you have it, my opinion about the
Fiskars Sure Cut Paper Trimmer.
Fiskars did not ask me to give this review,
but I'm loving this cutter and wanted to share with
y'all why.  Just in case you are in need of a new cutter.
Now remember this is just my opinion,
you may have a different one,
but I do love it.

Thanks for stopping by today,
come again soon.
You never know what you'll find on 
Kristie Kreates!

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