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Friday, December 26, 2014

Crown of Thrones ornaments

My son and his girlfriend were making most of their
Christmas gifts and needed a little help.
I showed them how to make glittered ornaments.
So they glittered them and then asked for some help
vinyling them.
Their friends are into the Game of Thrones series, 
as they are.
I know nothing about the series so they told me what they
needed on the ornaments and that's what I did for them.

They were very happy with the ornaments as I hope
their friends will be.
Here's what happens when you do crafting with
your 22 yr old son.
After "weeding" the vinyl the leftovers had to
go somewhere, so why not on Mom's face?

Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you're creating something wonderful.
Happy Crafting!

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