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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ireland #22 Teach Eamainn

We arrived at our next B&B right around dinner time.
The name of it was Teach Eamainn.
This B&B was very different than any of the others,
more about that later.
We had a little lesson in Gaelic  at this B&B
Teach is not said the way we say it, it is pronounced
This B&B was run by a lovely older woman.
She was very sweet and had a very difficult time getting around.
Her decor was very old fashioned with lots of antiques.
The house was furnished just as if it were her home and not
a B&B.  Lots of knick knacks and china.
(More about that with some pictures below)
We were all getting hungry and Henry's was recommended and
they had a free shuttle to and from the restaurant.
The owner, sorry I don't remember he name, called for a pick
up and a reservation for us.
We found this to be a really wonderful restaurant.
With a great variety of food choices.
Bangers and Mash
And, of course, the every popular Fish and Chips!
Everyone loved their dinner.
And the waitress was kind enough 
to get a picture of the group for us.
And the desserts were wonderful too.
Cheese cake
and meringues with strawberries and cream
to name a couple.
The ride back on the shuttle was a hoot,
the driver gave us the microphone and told us to sing.
Michael made up a couple songs that gave us a good laugh.
We all sang a couple songs and then we were back to 
Teach Eamainn.
There is a nice sitting room where we gathered 
for a little evening drink and snack and talk.
Had a very nice evening.
Here are some pictures from our room.
Beautiful antique dresser.
Lovely table.
Wanted to show the wallpaper in our room,
big, bold pattern.  I took some extra close up
pictures that I'm going to use to print some 
scrapbook paper.
This was the wardrobe in our room.
And the view out the front window.
The view including some of their flowers.
The next morning we were served a beautiful breakfast
by the owner and her son, who came with his little 
daughter to help.

It was a very dreary, rainy day, but the owners son
gave us some advise on where to go and what to do.
Then we were off for another day of adventure.
More about that next time.

Thanks for stopping by,
see you next time when I'll tell you how to say
and what bird poop was used for years ago.

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rebecca @ older and wisor said...

That B&B looks so charming - what great pieces. Happy New Year!!