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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Foiling with an iron

Hello all!
My last post was about foiling.
I wrote at the end of the post that I would try using
a household iron to foil some embellishments 
and report back on how that worked.
Here is that review.
I chose 2 of the pieces from the Heidi Swapp assortment
that I used in my other post.
I used the same foils as I did with my last post
when I used the laminator.
I set the iron on the hottest setting WITHOUT steam.
I applied quite a bit of pressure on the iron, as much
as I could muster for about 15 seconds.
Here is the result with the Heidi Swapp foil.
It worked fair, there were some spots that the foiling 
did not stick and you can see that the heat from the iron 
kind of 'warped' the rest of the foil.
I used the same process with the Color Foil piece.
The results weren't quite as good.
But the foil didn't become warped at all.
You can see what was left behind rather than sticking to the
black area of the embellishment.
Now I don't know if I had used more pressure or longer
heating time, if it would have done better,
but there are the results.
Here, up closer you can see where the foil didn't stick
and here as well.
My conclusion,
it is possible to use a household iron, but the results isn't
near as good as using the laminator.
Could I have 'fixed' the problem by adding more foil
and ironing again?
Probably, but I didn't try that.
I'll just use my laminator.
Now I'm wondering if the foil would do well in my heat
press, but I won't be heating it up just to give it a try.
Maybe when I've got that baby fired up again, I'll try it.
My guess is that it will work better than the iron,
only because it has good pressure, but would it ruin the
other areas of the foil?
That's the question.
If I give it a try, I'll write about it in a future post.

Thanks for stopping in today,
hope this 'review' helps you in some way.
Let me know if you give foiling a try and how 
it works out for you.
Until next time, Happy Crafting!

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