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Monday, February 15, 2016

Kindle covers

Hi all!
Are y'all staying warm?
We are having an arctic blast in my area
right now.  The wind chill is predicted to get
to -40* tonight, so I'll be bundled up.
Hopefully I'll have some crafty time while it's
cold outside.
Here is what I did last night.
3 of my Greats got Kindle Fires for Christmas
from their Grandma and Grandpa.
My sister in law asked if it was possible to 
"put their names on with that stuff you do" 
on the covers she bought for them.
So I said sure, I could put some vinyl on them.
When I saw the kids the other day I asked them what
they would like on them,
Sebastian was all for some Star Wars.
The other 2 didn't have an idea.
I got these cut files from one of the groups I'm in 
on Facebook.
He does love his Star Wars and this was perfect for him.
My sis in law told me that Oliver loves Sponge Bob.
When I found this cut file on Facebook, I knew it would 
be perfect for the O in his name.
He loved it!
As for Sami, she would like something cute,
but all the "cute" things looked a little too young
for an 8 yr old.
I came across this Tinkerbell silhouette in that same
Facebook group and layered the black on top of purple.
She loved it, perfect for their visit to Disney.
All in all, I think they turned out great and the kids
all loved them.  They called me to thank me as soon
as they were given to them.
One other thing that I added to each one was their 
mother's phone number on the inside, just in case
they get lost.  Hopefully someone will be kind enough to 
call if they find it, well hopefully they won't get lost,
but just in case......

Thanks for stopping by today.
I hope you are having a crafty day.
Stay warm and have fun!

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