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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Backstrom Favorites

I want to share with you my vary favorite 
Christmas gift that I made this year.
As I've mentioned before, my Mom is 90 yrs old
and has a limited budget.
She still wants to be able to give Christmas gifts 
to everyone.
This is what I came up with this year.
I have Moms recipe box and together we went through
it and chose the family favorites.
I scanned the recipe cards into my computer, printed
them onto card stock and made them into a cook book.
Most of the recipes are in Mom's handwriting,
some have stains from being used for so many years,
some are faded and/or yellowed.
BUT they are all hers.
Some of them are recipes that will probably never 
be made, but they bring back happy childhood
memories for me as well as my brothers, so 
they are included in the book.
The picture on the cover was one I took of 
Mom at my nephew's wedding in October.
I was thrilled with how these books turned out
and everyone seemed to love them.
We will have a "piece" of Mom with us forever.

Before I assembled the books, I was going to visit
Mom and thought I'd take a cover to show her what
it would look like.
I had a doctors appointment before I went to see her,
so I took the picture in to show Dr. P, as he was her doctor before
she moved to assisted living. I thought he'd like to see
a picture of her and how great she looks.
When I showed him the picture, he looked at it turned it over
then asked "Where are the recipes?  I want the recipes."
I told him I hadn't put the books together yet and he
said that he wanted one, that he would love to have
some of her recipes and that he wanted to buy one from me and
did I think she would autograph one for him.
I gotta say, I just love my doctor, he is absolutely 
wonderful, not only as a doctor, but as a person.
He just adores Mom and treated her with great
respect and care.
Well, of course, he got a cook book and she 
autographed it for him!

1 comment:

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

What a tribute! These will be treasured for years to come. PRICELESS.