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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Got through the first round

Practical Scrappers Blog is having a contest and I submitted my 3 cards and I made it through the first round.  The card had to have pink on it.  The card below made the cut. 
Now the voting begins. 
So if you could hop on over to their blog and check out the cards, if you think I deserve a vote, put in a vote for me.
The rules are on their blog, you may have to scroll down a bit to find the post, as they post something most days and voting goes through October 6th.
The name of the post is "Let the Voting Begin"  I'd give you a direct link but the cards are in several different posts.
Thanks!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed and better go get to work on my next card, so I'll be ready if I make it to the next round!


Larelyn said...

Great card, Kristie. I'll hop over and take a look. Good luck - your creativity deserves to be rewarded.

kisatrtle said...


Roxie said...

That one rounded corner looks nice, nice heart theme.

kisatrtle said...

Good luck