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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Thanks to the wonderful staff at Sisters

Hello all!
Today I have a story to tell you and I'll try to keep it as short as possible,
 yet get the important parts told.
On June 2nd, I got a call from my Mom's friend that she was supposed to pick up Mom for church, but she couldn't get an answer on her phone or at the door and she was worried.
My hubby called my brother, who lives closer, and then we took off in a panic and got to Mom's house faster than is legally possible.
When we got there, my brother's wife told me she was okay.
Well, not really okay at all, she was on the floor with what we found out later was a shattered proximal femur. She had an extremely bad break of the top part of her right leg.
Poor Mom had gotten up at 3:30 to go to the bathroom, didn't realize that her leg had fallen asleep and when she stood up, down she went.
By the time the ambulance people got her up, she had been laying on the floor for 7 hrs.
On Monday, the 3rd she had surgery and had a rod put into her leg and the whole thing was screwed in place.
She is now in a rehab center, working on getting as strong as possible.
Everyone from the first responder till she left the hospital was amazing!
I don't have a single thing that I can complain about.
The people in the ER were wonderful and let us be with her
and even went and rounded up enough chairs for all of us.
The nurses, aides, even the cleaning people were fabulous, helpful, courteous and just all around pleasant.
The day she was leaving the hospital for the rehab center she asked me to make a card that we could send to the people on the unit.
Below is the card I made for her. 
I took her picture just before leaving the hospital
and I'm going to include that in the card.
I know names fade away, but I know they will remember
who she is when they see that picture. 
Mom is one of the sweetest people you'd ever want to know
and there were several workers that said they'd love to take her home.
They would come in to visit her even if she wasn't one of their patients. 
So if you are local to me, that would be around Buffalo, NY and you want good care, go to Sisters of Charity Hospital. 
They are fabulous!!!
At least that was our experience.
For the card I used
"Flower Border" (#17915) from
I colored Flower Border with FlexMarkers, fussy cut it, adhered it to brown card stock and fussy cut it again.
For the "Thanks" I used the Cricut,
but don't ask me which cartridge I used. 
Sorry, I just don't remember and I don't have the cartridge here at home.
I cut it out of white card stock and colored it with FlexMarkers,
fussy cut it and adhered it to card stock and fussy cut it again.
Thanks for stopping by today.
Leave a comment if you will and come again soon.
Until next time, Happy Crafting!

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