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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ireland #26 Bunratty Medieval Banquet

We have come to our last evening in Ireland
Dave and I have been to this beautiful country 3 times
now and every time we have attended the 
Medieval Banquet at Bunratty Castle.
As far as we are concerned it is a must
for every visitor to Ireland.
I'm posting a lot of pictures and a few videos
from this fabulous evening that was a 
great end to our trip.
Dave really has to learn to do better with selfies!
It's hard to get a good picture of him, but a good
selfie is nearly impossible.
This is outside the Bunratty Castle.
Ed and Roxie outside the castle.
Michael and Jane with the castle in the background.
The evening starts off with a bagpiper in the courtyard.

After hearing the bagpiper we were taken inside to the big hall 
where we were given a bit of mead, which is a honey wine.
There was music there also. The violinist and harpist were wonderful.
We then went up to the dining hall, where we were treated to more
music from these talented young people.
This young lady is a local high school student and so talented!

This gentleman standing center, was the emcee for the evening.
I'm sure there was a different name for him, but I'm 
not sure what that would be.
We started off with soup, which was very tasty.
But there were no spoons to eat it with, so we had to 
pick up the bowl and enjoy eating it that way.
Not a problem for Dave at all.

A toast to Ireland!
We had fruit juice and water as our drinks with dinner.
The food was "introduced" by course and had to be proclaimed 
fit for the "king"
Everything was served family style on platters.
The ribs were tender and tasty, if a bit on the salty side.
We were given a dagger, but no other utensils.
This gentleman was in trouble and was sent to the 
dungeon. He was accused of being a philanderer.
He had to sing for his supper to get out of the dungeon.
As always, Dave had no problem with finishing up 
what was left on the plate.
The next course also had to be approved.
Jane was ready to have a bit of the next course,
boiled potatoes......
And chicken and root vegetables.
It was all cooked very nicely and tasted great!
They did give us small spoons to use to eat our dessert,
which was a custard with raspberries.
Kind of like a tart and very tasty.
They encouraged couples to feed each other this
tasty treat.
Here all the Celtic Adventurers at our dining table.
We were entertained by the staff, who were all 
fabulous singers and musicians. 

To end the night the ladies sang an old favorite
that you can find here.
Unfortunately, this video was too long to post on my
blog, but the link will take you to it on You Tube.

The next morning we were up at an un-Godly hour and off to
the airport to fly home.
We arrived back in the States at the airport in Newark in the early 
afternoon, drove Jane and Michael home and were off for another
5 hour drive to Buffalo and home.
I think our first trip as "tour guides" went very well.
We all had a fabulous time.
We are hoping to do a trip to England next.

Well ladies and gents, this is my final post for our 
Ireland trip 2014.
Thank you for reading about our "adventures"
I hope it has given you some insight about the country,
it's people and some places to visit if you travel there.
If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me,
my e-mail address is in the right side bar of the blog.
If you do take a trip to Ireland, I'd love to hear about it.

May the luck of the Irish be with you!


Susan (rainy) said...

Where else to be today but in Ireland!! Wonderful pics, Kristie. Looks like a really fun dinner celebration.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

This whole "series" has been a such a pleasure to follow. I doubt we'll ever have the money (or time!) to go on vacation, but a girl can dream!!