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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shhhhhh..... It's a shower gift! 5/23/10

Recently my friend, Carol, became a Grandma! Some friends are having a shower for Chrissy and the new baby, Xavier, when they come to visit in June. I will be attending that shower.

I wanted to make something for them as a shower gift and decided that since I have been having so much fun with the new SCAL2 program that I got recently, I would create something. I decide to make a chipboard mini name album. After a bit of experimentation and test runs, I got it right. I am very happy with the outcome.

I cut it out of light weight chipboard, then cut each piece out of blue paper to cover the fronts of the pages, I used a subtle plaid paper for the letters and a matching creamy yellow for the backs of the pages. I bound it all using my handy dandy Bind it All.

This is what the book looks like when it is closed.
As you can see here, each page is a different letter of his name.
Here is a view of what it looks like with a page open. There will be plenty of space for pictures of Xavier and journalling on each page.
I hemmed and hawed over whether to put picture mats on the pages etc. and decided against it. I know Chrissy has done some scrapbooking, so I decided to just get her some supplies to go with it that she can use to finish off the book however she wants to.
I hope she likes it as much as I do.
I'm thinking of creating some more generic word books to put up for sale in my Etsy shop.
I'd be glad to hear what you think of this little book, so leave me a comment if you'd like. Thanks for stopping by.


Thebug415 said...

It turned out so cute! What new mom wouldn't want this???!!!!I am almost done with the one you made for me. I will post it when it is finished. I just have to add jounaling boxes.

Lisadwb said...

Nice job Kristie!!

Carol said...

This is fantastic, Kristie!!! What a GREAT one-of-a-kind gift. I made a memory book for someone once and included photo mounts (permanent, of course!) . . . the thing I didn't take into consideration was how many vertical or horizontal pictures the person would have. Live and learn . . . live and learn! LOL

Nora said...

Great, Kristie!! Really nice for the kid with the name that nobody ever has anything with...I speak from experience, lol! :)

Chrissy D said...

FABULOUS book! Love it Kristie!!!

Jaime said...

that is sssooo neat!! what a wonderful gift idea!!! love it!!