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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Altering with tissue paper. Fix #2

Hello.  Hope you're having a great day!
If you're following my blog you have seen that I 
altered some frames for my son.
Here is the next frame in my "altered frames" series.
As you can see, I got this frame cheap.
I picked this one up at one of my favorite thrift shops
Check their site to see if there is a Savers near you.
Ours benefits the Epilepsy Foundation.
I believe the different Savers stores support different
charitable foundations.
Now I'm ready to work on the frame.
Notice I took that "insert" out of the frame.
It's made of metal, keep your eyes open for a future post 
concerning that mat.
I started by brushing on a coat of  Gel Medium 
(Mod Podge can also be used, but I happened to have this
handy.  Mod Podge is much cheaper.)
After I got some Gel Medium on the frame, I started
ripping pieces of tissue paper and laying them on the frame
I covered the tissue paper with more Gel Medium, 
being sure to stick it down.  
The Gel Medium acts as a glue, be sure it is both under
and over each piece of paper.
I continued this process of adding "glue"
and pieces of tissue until the entire frame was covered.
It isn't necessary, but my perfectionist side came out
and I covered the back and that inside of the window area.
I put a picture of Jaryd's best buddy and his girlfriend 
in this frame.  Had to have some pictures of him for the wall,
he's my "number 2" son.
The funny thing about this one is that after I got the 
picture in the frame, I realized that Brian's shirt matches the frame.
Same colors and same plaid.
Click on the picture and it will enlarge, 
this is true for all the pictures on my blog.

Jaryd's girlfriend, Sara, loved this so much that she made 
a frame using the technique.
Here are some pictures of her frame.
She used the same technique with 2 colors of blue
tissue and one with flowers.
Some white string was stapled to the inside of the frame
for pictures to hang on.
Here is a close up of the frame.  It's so pretty!
Here is Sara with her beautiful frame.

Thanks for stopping by again today.
Keep coming back if you want to see more.
Hope to 'see' you again soon!

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