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Saturday, August 22, 2015


Hello Blog readers!
Today I'm posting something a little different.
I want to tell y'all a little bit about my Mom.
She is the strongest, sweetest, most amazing person 
that I know.
No matter what life throws at her, she deals with it
with grace and acceptance and fights her way through it.
Two years ago this past May, Mom fell and 
broke her hip.  The orthopaedic surgeon
put a rod in her right leg from the very top to 
the very bottom of her femur.
He told her that if she could transfer to a wheelchair
from her bed and not have much pain, he would consider
the repair a success.
He didn't have hopes of her walking again.
Dr. K. didn't know who he was dealing with and 
when I took her for a check up at the 3 month mark,
his jaw dropped when he saw her walking down the hall
using a walker to the examination room.
Mom moved into assisted living 2 yrs ago and it has become her
home.  The staff there are phenomenal.
I think these last 5 months or so have been her toughest time
though.  She had pneumonia and recovered from that.
Then she fell 3 days in a row and I requested that she go to
rehab to regain her strength.  
This is after some of the bruising from the last fall
had healed.
She was there for about 2 weeks and came 
back much stronger and doing great.
On June 22nd, she was sent to the hospital with some
pretty serious problems. She was having some bleeding problems
it turns out she had cdif, which is a pretty serious intestinal 
infection.  She did well though and was sent home after a few days.
She wasn't even home 24 hours before she was sent again to the ER.
This time she couldn't stay awake more than about 10 seconds.
She was totally lucid, but couldn't stay awake.
They feel this was all due to dehydration.
After another 5 days or so, she was moved to rehab
again.  She was there for about 5 weeks
then was sent back home to the assisted living home.
She was so happy to be home again.
Then I got a call that she had fallen and was going to the ER
again.  It turned out that she was fine, they did x-rays and
a CATT scan and everything checked out okay,
so we took her home.  By the time we got her home
it was 4 a.m.
There was a family party the next day.
Great grandchild #10 was being baptized and she was
adamant that she would go to that party.
This would be the first time she was to meet this little
guy and she wasn't going to miss it.
So I picked her up and we went to the party,
where she did great.  You'd never know she had taken
a trip to the ER the night before and had been up most of
the night.
These pictures are ones that I took of her that day.
This is my husband with my Mom in these pictures.

She asked for a straw to be able to drink her can of pop easier,
so I asked my nephew for one.
All he had was this mustache straw, 
but she was game and thought it was pretty funny.
She is such a hoot!
She is an amazing woman and I love her so much.
The best Mom anyone could ask for.
AND do you know she is almost 91 yrs old?
I don't think she looks it, do you?

Here are a few pictures of my Mom when she was younger.
I'm not sure of her age in this picture, 
but I'm guessing she was about 10 yrs old. 
This was Mom's senior picture from high school.
I'm not sure when this one was taken, but I'm guessing
she was in her early 20s.

Thanks for stopping by today and
reading my story and tribute to my Mom.
She is one amazing woman!

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