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Thursday, August 20, 2015

"fixing" some frames

Hello crafty friends!
My son's birthday was on the 15th and for part of his
gift I wanted to give him some family pictures.
He and his girlfriend have a cute little apartment
and the one livingroom wall is dedicated to pictures 
of family and friends.
Jaryd wanted pictures for his wall and I decided that I needed
to alter some frames and put pictures in them for him.
The first one I worked on was a plain wood frame that I found
at a thrift shop.
Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it before,
but it was just a plain old wood frame.
First I sanded it down to take off the finish.
You can see there were a couple little flaws in the frame, 
but that doesn't matter, it will all be covered in the end.
I then painted it with Gold Acrylic Craft Paint
using a foam brush.
After a couple coats were applied and dried,
I switched to Teal Acrylic Paint.
I painted a solid coat on the flat surface of the frame.
Then used a dry bristled brush to add the teal paint
to the sides, giving it a worn feel.
Here is the frame all painted and I love how it turned out.
I put a picture of Jaryd's Godparents in this frame.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Come again soon, I'll be showing you some of the other
frames that I altered for Jaryd's gallery of pictures.

1 comment:

Roxie said...

Nice update to the frame, I have a few that need this.