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Monday, August 17, 2015

Scrapbooking beginner, or is she?

My son's girlfriend asked me to help her make a scrapbook for my son's
birthday.  She has never done scrapbooking before.
Or has she?
Really, she hasn't, but she did such a great job and
has such wonderful ideas, it makes you wonder.
She started out with this beautiful album and
added the picture to the space on the front.
This is one of her favorite pictures of 
her and Jaryd.
She had a plan in mind for the book.
It would tell a story that started with them meeting at 
work where Jaryd was in a management position
and she worked in the carry out department of 
our local Tops Supermarket.
With each layout she learned something new.
On this one she learned how to mat pictures as well as 
create the little road on the page.
Sara had seen this idea on Pinterest and we set about
creating it puting her flair on it.
I'm so glad I saved all the odd ball left over letters,
they sure came in handy for this layout and 
I love how it turned out.
On this next layout I taught her how to use rub-ons
and how to stamp with acrylic stamps and ink.
These 2 pages were lessons in "fussy cutting" and 
strategic cropping.  
Some strategic cropping was needed on the left page. 
The picture was cut down and matted to the right size
to only cover specific words on the page.  Perfect fit!
The Bandits logo was fussy cut on the right page.
Sometimes it takes a little fiddling around to get things
just right and I think she got it just right here.
That dragon is a rub on that was then fussy cut.
The left page of this layout couldn't be finished as she 
needed to get a couple things together for it.
On these 2  pages  I showed her how to adhere ribbon to
a layout,  rub-ons and matting were used.
A few epoxy embellishments were used on these pages,
but the biggest thing was that I taught Sara how to use
the Cuttlebug to cut letters.
And she fell in love with it.
A mirrored embellishment on one page and 
using brads for the first time on the other.
She also asked me to make her an apple, which I 
drew and cut out for her,
The 3 pictures on the right were all from weddings
they attended together.
Fussy cutting the pumpkins and eggs, then
adding the stickers to the page finished up 
this holiday page.
Sara discovered these punched out corners
and learned about sticking down little intricate pieces.
She learned way back near the beginning 
about how to use a 
Xyron to make letters etc. into stickers.
Stamping directly onto the page was nerve wracking,
but she did it and did it well.
Sara learned that there are also lots of shapes that can
be die cut with the Cuttlebug. This heart for instance.
She did a great job with some Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
and the baker's twine on the "heart beat" page.
She also did a great job with the stamping on the other page.
For the last page she added a handwritten note.
Personal handwriting is so important in scrapbooking!
She also added a couple stick pins.

This girl is just flying with the scrapbooking!
She has already learned quite a few techniques,
learned how to use several different tools, 
came up with some wonderful ideas,
and did a beautiful job on this book.
And as it says in the book
"it's only just begun"
I had so much fun working with Sara
and we're blessed to have her in our lives.
I see many scrapbooks in her future.

Thanks for stopping by today to see what's been up 
with me.  I'm looking forward to getting back into the 
swing of things after being "gone" for so long.
Come again soon and see what I was working on 
while helping Sara with the scrapbook.

Until next time, Happy Crafting!


Susan (rainy) said...

Wowza!! No kidding about her flying with the scrapbooking. She has done a fabulous job with it. Of course, she is very lucky to have an awesome teacher!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

What a perfect mentor for a crash course in scrapbooking!! I love that you're making memories while preserving memories. Hope that you're feeling loads better than before your surgery :)