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Friday, November 6, 2015

Birthday Banner

Back in August, just a bit before my son's birthday, his girlfriend,
Sara, told me that her family always had a birthday banner,
that came out for each person's birthday.
She would have loved to make one for Jaryd's birthday, but didn't have 
time to get it done.
She mentioned that she would like it to be a 
Dr. Who banner since they are fans.
Her birthday was November 1st, so I made a Dr. Who birthday banner for her.  
I talked to Jaryd and got the suggestion for the red bow tie
from him, I already knew I needed to put a couple Tardis on the banner.
I found a Tardis online and used it as a guide to create one with
 Silhouette Design Studio
I had created a bow a while ago, so I had that file already 
in my Silhouette library and used that for the bow tie.
I found the "Dr. Who" font on and used that 
to cut the words.
Here is the banner hanging in their apartment.
They will be able to take it out for birthdays for years to come.
As long as they store it someplace safe 
and don't forget where they put it.
Once I decided what I wanted to do, it really didn't take
too long and I had fun doing it.
I think they both loved it.

I'm glad you stopped today,
I hope you'll be back soon.
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