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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Inky Fingers

Ever create an inky mess?
Oh I have more times than I'd like to admit.
Recently I posted about making backgrounds
with Dylusions Ink Sprays.
Check out my fingers in these pictures.
You can see a variety of colors on my fingers.
Oh and you really can't even see most of that ink.
There were many different colors.
I wish I had taken a couple pictures of just how inky
my hands had gotten, but I wasn't expecting to need
the pictures.
Why? you ask am I showing you pictures of inky fingers?
Well, I'll tell  you.  After we finished playing with the ink,
I cleaned up my fingers the best I could with some rubbing alcohol.
That didn't do much and my fingers were still a mess.
I went down to the kitchen to get a snack and washed my hands.
While washing my hands I saw the Dawn Dish Detergent and 
on a whim gave it a try for cleaning my hands.
Low and behold, didn't it take that ink right off my hands?!?!
I was so excited, I've always had to just let it wear off over
several shampoos.
Now I've found another reason to love Dawn.
I just wanted to pass this on to any of you who might
tend to get inky like I do.
At least it works to get Dylusions Inks off,
give it a try, maybe it will work for whatever kinds of
inks you are getting covered with.
Thanks for stopping in today,
now go get inky!

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