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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Cheer Coach

This afternoon I got a text from a friend asking
if she could possibly use
My Happy Place,
our crafting studio, for about an hour tonight.
It turned out that someone she works with 
needed some gifts for TOMORROW!
She gave my friend the vinyl and what she
thought was white vinyl, was in reality
transfer tape.
We did the wine glass using the Cricut.
This is how the wine glass turned out.
Not too bad, I'd say, considering the fact that 
we can't weld the letters and they had to be put on
We weren't crazy about the lower case 's' in the font we
had available, so I had to do a little 'surgery' on it,
can't even tell can you?
I should have just brought her to my home right away,
we could have gotten this done quicker and nicer
if we had used my Silhouette Cameo.
When I realized what had to be done for the other 2 
coffee cups, I realized that we needed the Silhouette.
These didn't turn out exactly like the one in the picture she sent,
but close enough.
I created the CHEER COACH circle in my 
Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software
and cut them out in a flash.
It took us about 1 3/4 hrs to do that wine glass,
took about 30-45 minutes to create the file, cut and 
apply the vinyl on these 2 cups.
Oh I do love that machine!
We were pretty happy with the way they 
turned out, I hope her friend is too.

Thanks for stopping by today,
I hope you'll stop in again soon.
Until then, Happy Crafting!

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