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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spray backgrounds

I don't know about y'all, but I do love getting messy
now and then.
While visiting my friend, Mary, I did just that.
Funny how when ever I visit her, we get into something
messy with inks or sprays of some kind.
Here's what I used
Dylusions Ink Sprays, a spray bottle of water, deli paper
and white card stock.
Mary has an old cookie sheet that she uses for projects like this,
I put a piece of deli paper on the cookie sheet and sprayed it
with the Dylusions spray.
After spraying 3 different colors on the deli paper,
I sprayed it with water.
For this one I used Pomegranate Seed, Postbox Red and
Pure Sunshine.
You can see how the water blends with the ink and beads up.
Next I placed a piece of white card stock onto the ink.
This is what I got when I picked up the paper.
The white areas are where there were folds in the 
deli paper.
I laid another piece of card stock down to pick up 
more of the ink and this is the result I got.
I ended up with this pretty mix on the deli sheet
once I was done soaking up the ink.
I can use this for more backgrounds.
Next I used After Midnight, Lemon Zest and Polished Jade.
I used the same technique.  Love these colors together!
After I soaked up most of the ink with some card stock,
I spritzed the inks again and folded a piece of card stock
into the deli paper.
This is the result I got.
I sprayed even more water and soaked up ink from 
all over where ever it was wet.
And I got a pretty pastelish (is that a word) background.
My last combination was After Midnight, Vibrant Turquoise
and Fresh Lime.
I played around with the deli paper after I made some
card stock backgrounds.
I laid another sheet of deli paper over the inks and picked
up what I could, this is the results.
I will use all these deli papers to create more backgrounds.
Below are the card stock pieces that I created.
They are going to make some beautiful cards.

I'm not sure what happened to that lower right corner piece,
I suspect that somehow I dripped some rubbing alcohol onto 
it when I was cleaning up.  Kind of an interesting splotch,
don't know how I can incorporate it, so I'll probably end up
covering it with something.
Never know what I'll end up doing with these,
but I do love how they turned out.

I'm glad you stopped by today,
I hope you are too.
Come again soon,
you never know what you'll find on
Kristie Kreates.

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