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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Kelsie 5th grade

Hi there!
Another school layout.
This time it's of Kelsie from 5th grade.
When she was in 5th grade they started doing 
school pictures 2 time a year.
This picture was taken about half way through the 
school year.
The one right below in the upper corner
was from the beginning of the year.
I can tell the difference because of the length of her
hair and the difference in her teeth
A lot can change in a few months at that age.
5th grade was probably her favorite year in school.
She had the most amazing teacher and class ever.
Mr. Judy was definitely a favorite in our family.
Jaryd had him 2 years later.
One of the BEST teachers EVER!
I still need to put the names of all the kids in the
picture in the empty space above the picture,
but I didn't want them all posted on the internet.

Thanks for stopping in to see what I've been up to.
What have you been creating lately?
See you next time!

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