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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kelsie and Jason, Holiday Party and Valentines Day

Today I have more layouts in my 
"Kelsie and Jason series"
Kelsie and Jason work for the same company,
but in different departments, so the holiday party
was all in one.
The thing is that the holiday party wasn't held until
just before Valentine's day.
Kelsie and Jason with some of their work friends.
Kelsie and Jason together.
They had a wonderful time.
This layout is about their Valentine's daycelebrations.
It was their first together and Jason went all out
to make it a special one for Kelsie.
He brought her a heart shaped pizza, then brought out
a big teddy bear with candy.  This guy keeps her company
when Jason isn't around.
Then he really surprised her with a beautiful bracelet.
I have to print a picture of it and add it to the layout.
Here is the beautiful bracelet that he gave her.
Then he surprised her again, he had made reservations 
at the hotel where the work party was being held,
so they would be able to have a good time and not worry about
driving all the way home after the party.
Then to top it all off he sent her flowers at work 
on Valentine's day and took her out to dinner on their
dinner break.
Does she have a great boyfriend or what?!?!

Thanks for stopping in today,
I hope you've enjoyed my layouts and
are in some way inspired by them.
Until next time,
Enjoy Life!

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