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Monday, August 21, 2017

Little Gift for Mom

Hello blog friends!
Today I have a little something that I made for my Mom.
If you've been following me for a while, you know that
my Mom is 92 yrs old and lives in an assisted living home.
We have all given her plants over the last few years, but they 
never seem to live very long.
One of the problems is that they get too big for the pot and
once they get transplanted to another pot they don't do so well.
I think it's a general consensus that it's my black thumb that does
it.  All she has left right now is a sad African Violet that isn't going to
last much longer.  Someone keeps watering it and it's getting too much 
water.  Recently I bought a cute little "planter" of artificial succulents
and that's doing very well. LOL
I thought I'd make her up a little arrangement of silk flowers for 
the stand in front of her window.
Here's what I used.
I found some flowers when I was at the craft store for 
70% off, so I picked those up.
I had some styrofoam balls in my stash of craft supplies,
I cut one in half to hold the flowers.
I put some ATG tape on the flat bottom of one of the 
pieces and stuck it to the bottom of the "vase" that I 
was going to use.
I found this piece at Savers for a couple dollars.
It's the perfect size for what I wanted.
I really had no idea what I was doing, but I think 
this little arrangement turned out cute.
Here are a couple more pictures.
I think she's going to like this and it will brighten her room.
AND it won't die either!
Here's a view from the top to show what flowers 
there are.
So in the end, I spent about $3.00 to brighten Mom's 
room, I'd say that's a darn good deal.

Thanks for stopping in today!
I hope you'll come again soon.
Until then,
try something new,
like flower arranging.
Who knows you might be able to
brighten someones day too.

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