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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ireland #10 Kenmare and Druid's View

We are on to our 6th full day in Ireland and
on to Kenmare.
These are a few of the pictures I took along the way.
Can you say gorgeous?!?!?

Kenmare is a lovely little town.
We got into town and were lucky enough to find a 
parking place, with easy access to the main street.
And when I say main street, I really mean, just about 
the only street with shops and pubs.
Most of the towns are small and quaint and this 
one didn't disappoint.
Although it wasn't as small as many, but I guess
those are probably villages or hamlets.
Here are some of the pictures I took.
This is looking into town.
Don't you love the colors?
I had to take a picture of this street sign.
We got out of the car and I looked up and there is was
New York St.
Where do I live?  New York State!
One of the things you can notice in this picture is the
absence of telephone poles and wires,
traffic lights and extraneous "stuff"
Yes, there are some signs for shops and some
traffic signs, but there aren't a lot of ugly
wires etc. blocking the view or taking away from the beauty.
This, I find, is true of most of the country.
Here's a picture of 4 of us in front of a typical pub.
The flowers, as always, were beautiful.
Guinness is huge in Ireland and there are signs all over.
Here is one of the biggest ones I saw.
My nephew, Joel, is a big Guinness fan, so I always had
my eyes open for different Guinness signs.
I've got this picture in here to show that you never know 
where you'll find more flowers.
They sure like to pretty things up in Ireland.
Do you think of Ireland as not having much fashion?
Wrong!  Check out these hats in one of the shop 
windows in Kenmare.
I had to have Dave take some pictures of my in front
of this fish and chips shop.
No, I didn't eat there, but by this time it was pretty
obvious that I loved the fish and chips.
When we'd stop at a restaurant or pub to check out
the menu, the others would look at it and comment
"Kristie's okay, they have fish and chips."
It didn't start out that way, but it ended up being 
a quest for the best fish and chips in Ireland.
At least for the places we traveled and ate.
Yes!  I'll admit it,
I'm a fish and chips addict.
While on this trip, I had fish and chips 
a total of 11 times.  Yes, you read that right!
11 times
By the 6th day we already knew 
I needed a picture with a sign
and there it was, right on the main street in Kenmare.
We had a nice time perusing the shops and
before we left we stopped at "Jam", a little coffee shop 
for a sweet treat.
 I will tell you, the treats we had were amazing.
I had a meringue with strawberries that was to 
die for, and Roxie had a bread pudding with, I believe
it was a toffee sauce.
Then we were off and headed for 
Sheep's Head to see a lighthouse.
On the way we came across
"Druid's View"  
I don't know why this is called Druid's View,
I did some searching on the internet and
 couldn't find any info on it, just a few pictures.
When we came along this wood carving along the road
we had to stop and take a look.
And it was absolutely stunning. 

This little guy was at Druid's View in a fenced in area.
I got a lesson in donkey, mule, jack ass, horse "genetics"
but honestly, I thought I knew which this was
and how it came to be, but when I look on the internet,
what I thought I learned, doesn't seem to be right.
Anyway, I thought he was a cute little guy, so 
here he is, whatever he is.
Here's another cute little guy.
There were a few people who wanted me to bring back
a leprechaun for them.
This is the closest I could come.
He is in front of Molly Gallivan's
which apparently serves ice cream.
Below are pictures that are all taken around
 Molly Gallivan's
I didn't go inside, but I could see it was quite a 
nice gift shop with some lovely sweaters and such. 

Love this old truck!
Another lovely window, you can also see that 
there is a thatched roof.

In the picture above you see a pile of peat.
Below is a wagon full of peat.
I will have another post that will talk more about peat,
where it comes from and what it's used for, but for now
here are a couple pictures of peat,
a very common sight through out Ireland.
It's also not uncommon to see bicycles in Ireland.
Although I must say, I didn't notice as many on 
this visit as I have on our other visits.
There were a number of places where we did see them
like this, being used as an "art" piece.
It does make for a nice picture doesn't it?

Flowers of the Day
Druid's View did not disappoint when it came to flowers.
Molly Gallivan's had some absolutely gorgeous hydrangeas
As you can see in these couple pictures,
the pinks and purples were beautiful!

And there were some of my favorite wild flowers 
along the road.

I'm glad you stopped by to share a little bit more
of my visit in Ireland.
The day wasn't finished, not even close.
Next post we'll arrive at our destination of 
Sheep's Head.


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Are these towns primarily for tourists, or does the whole country just look that amazing??

Lisadwb said...

Love the pictures! I think I would be addicted to fish and chips too! :-)

Roxie said...

What nice photos, to name a few favorites - the old pickup truck, red windows and doors, hydrangeas and who could forget the donkey. Nice subjects and a good job capturing the beauty of them all.