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Friday, October 24, 2014

Ireland #15 A Pink Elephant and This Little Piggy

After our visit to Kinsale we were ready
for a nice dinner out.
We had to take some pictures before we went
Just because everyone looked so nice.
Jane and Michael on the patio.
Ed gets silly in the garden.
Ed and Roxie in the garden.
Ed and Michael
the "two dudes"
The Pink Elephant 
was recommended by Noreen so that's where we headed.
The views were beautiful from the restaurant.
If you were sitting on this lawn on 
May 7, 1915 
and were looking out at this view
you would have seen the sinking of the 
A German U-boat torpedoed and sank RMS Lusitania.
The Lusitania was a British ocean liner en rout to Liverpool, England
from New York.
Of the more than 1900 people aboard,
more than 1100 of them perished in this tragedy.
Luckily it is now a beautiful, peaceful sight.
The restaurant owner took this nice picture of our group.
One of the very few with all of us in the picture.
We were so glad we took Noreen's recommendation.
The food was very good.
Roxie started with a salad.
I started with Cream of Asparagus soup.
I can't speak for that salad, but the soup was excellent!
I had this amazing chicken dish.
A couple of them had duck.
Dave had a liver dish, I tasted that and it was
Ed had monk fish.
And our dessert, I don't remember what they 
called it, but it was a meringue with berries and cream.
To die for!
The service was wonderful and the owner was
very friendly.
He is quite a photographer and has several of his pictures around
the restaurant.  What a lovely man.
After a fabulous meal we were treated to a
 beautiful sight in the sky.
The clouds were spectacular and that sun
with the rays shining through?
Then we were on to Timoleague.
It was what they call "festival week" 
and there is some kind of attraction or function every 
evening in the village and tonight it was 
pig races.
Yes!  I did say pig races!
They had the big bad wolf and a pig that danced.
Here's a video of the "Minions" the wolf and the pig
entertaining the crowd while we wait for the races.
Sorry about the quality of the video, I had to hold the 
camera above my head and hope for the best.
Here is a little clip of one of the races.
These pigs are about 3 months old and belong to a 
local farmer.  
The pigs ran from one end of the main street of the 
village to the other end.
There were a few races down and then back up.
There was a huge crowd.  
Apparently this is one of the attractions every year.
There was a show afterward that we didn't stay for,
we'd had a long day and wanted to get back to our 
B & B.
We did stop to take some pictures along the way of
this building.
Unfortunately, I don't remember what this is.
I didn't write it in my journal and can't find it online.
But it was beautiful.

Here's my Timoleague selfie,
Kind of eerie with that background, don't ya think?
I saw this phone box on the way to the car 
and had to take a picture of it. 
I love their phone boxes!
Then we were "home" for the night.
We all gathered in the guest sitting room for
 a drink and a bit of socializing with 
Joe and Noreen.
Check out this sitting room,
who wouldn't want to spend a little time there?
It was so comfy and welcoming.
The next morning I took a picture of Dave with Noreen
before we left.  She and Joe made us feel like old friends.
We will be back to Kilcatten Lodge one day,
it was definitely our favorite of all the
places we stayed.
High on our recommendation list.

Next I'll tell you about 
The Cliffs of Moher 
and our adventures there.

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