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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hairpieces for the wedding

I've posted before about my nephew and nieces wedding.
It was a Roaring 20s theme and all the guests were encouraged
to wear theme appropriate outfits if they chose.
My Mom is almost 90 yrs old and it is difficult to get her out
shopping for a dress, especially one that was in the theme.
I was lucky one day when I went to "Savers"
If you have a Savers in your area you should check it out.
Savers is a thrift shop that benefits the Epilepsy Foundation
and ours is fabulous.
I found a dress for her that has a dropped waist and the front has 
a pattern in sequins. 
Perfect for the theme as well as for 
Grandmother of the groom.
It was brand new, with tags still attached from a 
local store that has been out of business for a good 20-25 yrs.
The price tag said $89.00, it cost me $6.99.
How could we go wrong, it fit her perfectly.
She looked beautiful!
I made a simple feathered piece for her hair.
Here is a close up of her hair piece.
I think it looked great in her beautiful white hair.
I also made a headpiece for myself.
What a job that was.
My hair is thin and fine and I had quite the time
getting it to stay in, so I used gold cord and a 'string of pearls'
and attached them to go around my head.
Worked beautifully.
Here is a picture of my headpiece
although it's a little worse for wear.
Guess I should have taken a picture before the wedding.
All in all, I think they came out nice and I had fun making them
and wearing mine.
So glad you stopped by today,
Hope you'll come again soon.

1 comment:

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Your mother is adorable! If I ever make it to 90, they are going to have to demand that I *NOT* wear feathers and sequins everywhere I go :)