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Monday, November 3, 2014

Ireland #17 On to Galway

After driving through The Burren
we made our way to Galway.
Galway is a good sized city being the 3rd largest
in Ireland, with a population of about 75,000.
Sometimes it hard to consider a city like this to be
one of the biggest.  For perspective
Buffalo, NY has about 260,000
Denver, CO has about 650,000
Tampa, FL has about 353,000
New York City has 8.406 million.
the town I live in
Tonawanda, NY has about 15,000
Google the city or town where you live and 
you'll get an idea of the size of  Glaway.
The population of Ireland is 
about 9.6 million
So we arrived at our next B & B 
The Roncalli House.
It wasn't near as nice as Kilcatten Lodge,
but it was clean and the owner was very nice.
I wasn't up for the walk into town, I knew I could
have made it to where ever they wanted to eat, but
walking back might be a problem.
So I decided to stay in the room and rest.
The owner was so sweet and told Dave where he could
go to get me some fish and chips for my dinner.
Here is my dinner.  I have to say it really was good
except for that little container of...... well I don't know what it was.
It was brown and tasted awful, I don't have a clue what I was suppose
to do with it, but I put it down the drain.
Never had anything like it before
and hope I never do again.
It was a relaxing evening for me,
I had my F&C, wrote in my journal,
talked to both of my kids through facebook and
did a bit of reading.
Next morning we had a nice breakfast and were off 
for a beautiful drive through Clifden and the Sky Road Loop.
Check out that sky!  I was a little worried about getting drenched,
but as we drove, the skies cleared and we only got a few minutes 
of rain.
I found some things that I thought were funny through out 
our trip and if I could I'd take a picture.
While driving through a town, I believe it was 
Clifden I saw this butcher shop.
Love the awning!  It says
Seamus Kelly Butcher Extraordinaire
Now there's a man with confidence!
Here are some pictures I took along the 
Sky Road Loop.
As you can see by now the sky was just gorgeous.
It was darn cold and windy, but it was beautiful.

These 2 pictures, above and below, show the vastness
of where we were.  In the picture above
you can see people, the one on the far right is my hubby.
In the picture below, I wasn't zoomed in and you can 
barely see them.

On the way back down the loop we found a lovely beach 
where the water was just gorgeous,
 different shades of blue and bright and clear.

We pulled to the side of the road to have our lunch,
which was sandwiches from the SuperValu in Galway.
Mine was pastrami with coleslaw, cucumbers, spinach, mayo and onions
on a nice crusty roll.
I think Dave enjoyed his Chicken Tica too.
These pictures below were taken in the same area as the beach.

It turned out to be such a beautiful day.
After lunch we were off to visit
Kylemore Abbey.

Flowers of the Day
These flowers were outside 
Roncalli House.
I'm told they are called Red Hot Pokers

I love the gradient of color on them.

I wish I could have gotten some better pictures of 
these flowers below.  They were covering the hillside
at the top of the Sky Loop.
There were beautiful yellows, pinks and purples.
Tiny little flowers and many in patches of thorny brush.
Thanks for visiting Ireland with me today.
Next post will be about our afternoon at 
Kylemore Abbey.

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rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I wonder what the difference is between just a regular butcher and a butcher extraordinaire?? ;)