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Monday, November 10, 2014

Pizzeria Dessert Domes

My niece and nephew bought a pizzeria here in Buffalo,
 Nickel City Pizzeria
is located at 340 South Elmwood Ave.
Lauren makes desserts that they sell in the pizzeria
and they are kept on domed plates.
I told them I could vinyl their domes for them 
and this is how they turned out.
Chocolate Chip Cookies are a regular.
She makes them in a big round pan and cuts them
into slices like they do a round pizza.
They are very tasty and a bargain at $1.50
Here is the "gingham" design that matches what they have
on their logo in the front window.
It took a bit of finagling and it isn't perfect,
but it's pretty close.
They love how it turned out.
They wanted one that was "Dessert of the Day".
This one they can write in whatever different kind of
dessert they are offering that day.
Other than the one they have here, I know they have also done
Oatmeal Craisin Cookies.
There is also one for the Brownies that are a fairly 
regular offering.
This is not the best picture, but it's what I have.
We also decided to take the design to the coolers.
Wanted to carry it through out the pizzeria.
They were thrilled with the job I did for them
and I'm looking forward to helping out with
putting their hours on the window.
Might come up with some more ideas too.

If you are in the Buffalo, NY area,
stop in for some pizza, wings, a sub or a
Friday Fish Fry.
Tell them Aunt Kristie sent you.
They have limited space for eating in,
but you can always take out or ask about delivery.
You might want to pick up one of 
those desserts too.
Nickel City Pizzeria
340 South Elmwood Ave.
Buffalo, NY 

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