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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

C/C trip #3 Eating and Walking

There are things we almost always do when we are in
Charleston.  One of them is eat at Nick's.
Nick's is located on King Street.
This trip, it was a bit difficult for me, with just having
a hip replacement not 3 months before the trip,
but walk I did and I did fine.
As we were walking down King Street we could see
Nick's pig from a distance.
We always stop at Nick's for lunch.
This isn't a fancy place in any sense of the word,
but it is clean, the service is wonderful and
the food is absolutely delicious!
You order and pay for your food at the counter,
are given a number for your table and find a place to sit.
The dining room is paneled in dark wood and there are
pictures and memorabilia covering the walls.
You are sitting there conversing and looking at pictures
and then your food is delivered.
I love, love, love pulled pork so instead of getting
2 different meats, I always get 2 servings of the pulled
pork.  Along with it I got fries, slaw and corn bread.
You can get different sized "plates" less or more than
what I ordered, but for me this was perfect.
I ate my lunch and took some back to the hotel 
for my dinner.
Dave really enjoyed his meal too.
He got the brisket and pulled pork for his meats,
along with that he got baked beans, fries and of course the 
corn bread which I believe comes with every meal.
The service at Nick's is great too.
Dave saw something on the tv at the bar and left the
to check it out.  In the few minutes he was gone,
3 different servers noticed that his tea needed refilling
and asked if he had sweet or non-sweetened tea,
of course, I didn't know what he had, but when he 
got back to the table, he wasn't seated a minute
when someone came to refill his drink.
They are really on top of things and refill your drinks often
 and offer any assistance you need.
When we left Nick's we really lucked out.
While we ate lunch there was a mid day downpour,
but when we left, not a drop.
We took a leisurely walk back to our room.
Along the way I stopped to take a couple pictures of 
some beautiful flowers.
I know this really isn't a flower, but a plant, 
even so, it was beautiful.
These were in a huge planter outside a hotel 
along the way.
I snapped this quickly just to show some of the beautiful 
metal work that you can see in Charleston.

Here's a closer look at the iron work.
This is one of the buildings near our hotel.
I took this to show the architecture.
"Carriage Hardware
is at the top of this beautiful building,
so I'm assuming it was built in 1860.
I didn't take as many pictures around the city this
trip, since I wasn't able to walk as much, but 
Dave took a lot of pictures.
Of course, he always does, he gets up early and 
walks for miles all over the city taking pictures.
Here are a few of the photos that he sells;
These are just a few of the hundreds of pictures that he
has taken in Charleston over the years.
If you take a peek at them, be sure to go to
The Photo Gallery
where you'll be able to navigate his website and
see the many gorgeous pictures he has.

On to more about food.
One place we loved to eat was Bocce, but we
found that they had closed.  So Dave checked out a few
possibilities while he was walking and shooting.
And believe me there are a LOT of possibilities, 
but the thoughtful guy that he is, he kept in mind how far
I could walk without it being a problem.
We decided on Tommy Condon's because
they were having a prime rib special and
I do love my prime rib!
I started with a Wedge Salad and I have to say
it was more like a Half Head Salad!
It was huge and so, so good.
There was the 1/2 head of iceberg lettuce and it was
covered with cucumbers, bacon, blue cheese crumbles
tomatoes and green peppers
 All covered with Blue Cheese Dressing,
which is my favorite!
It was fabulous, but I had to take 1/2 of it back
to the fridge in our room for a late night snack.
Dave had She-Crab Bisque
and as you can see in the picture, 
he loved it!
I can't believe I didn't take a picture of my prime rib!
It was very good and came with a baked potato and
green beans.
Dave got Shrimp and Grits, which he always tries
to have when in Charleston.
Those green beans on his dish don't belong there,
but I don't like green beans, so he took them.
He did love the dish, but it was a little
spicier than expected,
hence, the tear in his eye.
He isn't much for spicy, but he ate it all to
the last bit.

Now I have to tell you a little tidbit about
the carriages in Charleston.
There are many horse drawn carriages in the city,
and there is not much you can do about a horse
that has to....ummm.... relieve himself.
When the horse does this, the driver will drop this little
pink flag on the ground.  There is a weight on the bottom
of the flag, then they radio that they need a clean up.
Someone comes along, within minutes and cleans
the area with disinfectant and water.
I can't imagine what the historic district would smell
like if they didn't do this.
Sure makes walking around the area more pleasant.

Well, that's it for now.
Next C/C post will be
 "Back to Charlotte"
Thanks for visiting with me today.
See you  next time!

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Susan (rainy) said...

Fun post, Kristie. Looks like you are having a great time and enjoying some great food!