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Monday, September 14, 2015

Ribbon and tissue Fix #6

Welcome crafty people!
In today's post, I have 2 frames to show you.
Unfortunately, I was remiss in my picture taking duties,
and I didn't take any pictures of the process
for either of these frame fixes.
But, that being said, they were both easy enough to 
tell you about.
Remember this frame, from way back at the beginning 
of the frame fix series?
The one I used for this next fix is the same kind of frame,
but it's a bigger one this one is a 5x7.
This was a simple frame to fix. I simply took a ribbon that
I liked and wrapped the frame with it.
I didn't have enough of the ribbon that I originally 
wanted to use, but I loved this plaid too.
I used my ATG gun to apply double sided tape to the front
of the frame as well as the inside of the opening of the frame.
As I wound the ribbon around the frame, I made sure
that it was securely stuck to the frame.
The corners were a little tricky, but with some effort
they turned out nice.
This picture is of my Mom, my daughter, Kelsie and son, Jaryd.

This next frame was truly something else!
I guess for a little girl picture it might have been okay,
but not for my son's picture wall.
Picture pink and purple with fat butterflies and flowers
and you have this frame.  
I really wish I had a picture of it
before I fixed it!
Here are the little flowers that I popped off the frame.
I'm sure you get the idea of how awful this frame was,
but it was really cheap and that's what counted,
because I could fix it!
The first thing I did was find a light colored card stock
and cover the front of that frame with it.
As usual, I brushed on the Mod Podge and stuck it to 
the card stock.
I then used a craft knife to cut off the excess and some
fine sand paper to smooth the edges.
I then covered the front with Mod Podge and laid it onto a 
piece of tissue paper.
I was fully prepared to have to "rip and stick" this paper,
but it turned out great.
I had to be very careful on the edges and corners,
as you can imagine how fragile the tissue paper was
once it was wet with glue.
I covered it with more Mod Podge to be sure it had
a nice even finish.
I made the paper flowers and glued them onto the corner.
I will do a post one day soon on how to make these flowers,
they are easy as pie, well even easier, unless you just 
buy your pie at the bakery and open the box!
This picture is of me and my friend Lisa.
Remember Jaryd's best buddy from the other posts?
Lisa is his Mom and she is Jaryd's 2nd Mom.
Had to have a picture of Mom #2 on his wall.

I'm glad you stopped by today and hope you'll 
come again soon. 
 I'm nearing the end of my 
fixed frames series and you don't want to miss the 
big reveal now do you?

See you next time!


Susan (rainy) said...

Love your frame fixes, Kristie. What a great idea with the ribbon! (And super fun pics, too.)

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

So cute!!