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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dragon Egg Technique Fix #4

Hi friends!
Here is #4 in my altered frames series.
Today I'm showing you 3 different frames.
All these frames are done using what my son's girlfriend,
Sara, has named the Dragon Egg Technique.
She says this effect looks like a dragon's egg.
I forgot to take a picture of this one before I did the 
altering, so I took a picture from the back to show 
basically what it looked like.
Got this one at Savers.
Here's a metal frame I picked up at 
Salvation Army.
I actually liked the look of this one, if only that 
trim hadn't seen better days.
And this little frame was a steal at only $.29 
at Salvation Army.

For all these frames I used alcohol inks from Ranger
along with their Blending Solution.
I used an Alcohol Ink Applicator and dropped the alcohol inks
onto the felt pad. 
While the ink is fresh and still wet, I pounced the 
applicator onto the metal.
I continued to pounce, twisting and turning the 
applicator, until the entire frame was covered.
When I saw that I wasn't adding color any longer,
I added more ink.
The Blending Solution can also revitalize the ink
if it becomes dry.
One of the things I love about using alcohol inks on metal
is that if I don't like how it turns out, or I change my mind 
about the color, all I need to do is squirt on some of
the Blending Solution and it cleans the ink right off and
I can start again.
I did love how this turned out.
I put a picture of my brother and sister in law in this
one for Jaryd.
Notice that originally the frame was vertical,
once I took that trim off, it worked perfectly for
a horizontal picture.
This frame used the same technique with reds and gold
alcohol inks.
In this frame I put pictures of 
(from upper left going clockwise)
Jaryd with his best friend Brian, My Mom,
Me with my Aunt Marilyn and 
finally Jaryd with our daughter Kelsie 
And last, but not least, I put a picture of our dog
Molly in my little $.29 frame.
I used the reds on this one also.

When Jaryd saw these frames he said
"Oh I see you used alcohol inks on these frames."
What 23 yr old guy knows that?
My son, of course!
He remembers everything.
I don't even remember telling him or
showing him alcohol inks.
I think these did turn our pretty cool.
What do you think?
Leave me a comment and let me know
how you like them and if you've ever worked with 
alcohol inks.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Come again soon.
Until next time, Happy Crafting!

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