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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Remember that metal mat? Fix #5

Fix #5 is a quick and easy one.
Remember that metal mat that I took out of a frame
in an earlier post?
Here it is.  Just a plain silver colored metal mat.
And here is the frame I'm using it in.
I liked this frame just the way I bought it.
(another thrift store find)
But when I went to frame the picture of my brother
and sis in law, I didn't like how it fit in the frame.
Solution?  Use that silver metal mat.
But, of course, I couldn't leave it as it was,
so I used some alcohol inks.
I didn't have any colors that went well with the frame,
so I stuck with some Slate Gray and made a subtle change
in the looks.
The only other problem I had was the picture,
my brother is about 6' tall and my sis in law is about 5' tall,
consequently the picture didn't work with the mat and their height
difference.  Simple solution, cut the picture in two and mount them
separately in the frame.

Thanks for stopping by for another
frame fix.
I hope you've been enjoying this little series.
See you next time.

1 comment:

Susan (rainy) said...

Clever use of the metal mat! And a great solution for your brother and SIL's pictures, too.