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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Brownie Cup Fail

Today I have a fail to show you.
the other day.  Looked pretty easy, so when I was having the kids
over for dinner, I thought I'd make them and fill them with 
ice cream.
I followed what they said to do, but things didn't turn out as they
show they would.  I guess the problem for me was that they
never said exactly how much batter to put into each cup.
They weren't hard to get out of the tins,
they just didn't look very good once I did.
And the tins?  
Well you can see how they looked,
But we ate them anyway, and they tasted great!
Just didn't look so great.
I might give this a try again, now I'm thinking maybe 
it just wasn't the amount of batter, but also that the 
cupcake tins might not have matched in size.
Who knows?
It might just be easier to make the brownies and
cut them up into squares, eh?
Have you ever tried something you saw on a video or on
Pinterest?  Did it work out?
I've done some other things that worked out great.
This one?  Not so much!

Thanks for stopping by today,
come again soon.
You never know what I'll be posting about.

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