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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I'm La Shot, Too! Note cards.

Hello and welcome! 
Today I thought I'd show you a little of what I do for my
husbands business.
Dave is a photographer and sells mostly at Art Festivals 
in the Northeast US.
His business is La Shot Photography and that is linked to his
website if you are interested in seeing his work.
Many years ago, I decided that he should have a line of 
note cards with his photographs on them,  so I designed a 
template and have been making them ever since.
My "division" of the business is
"I'm La Shot, Too"
I also make mouse pads and coasters with his images
and I do custom orders too.
Today I'll show you just what's involved in making the note cards
First I have to print off all the cards that Dave needs.
I can print 2 per sheet of card stock using our ink jet printer.
This is about 650 note cards ready to be finished.
Each sheet is folded in half by hand
and creased with a bone folder.
Here they are all folded.
Next I use my stack cutter to cut them in half.
There is a huge blade that cuts an entire stack at one time.
For a few years I cut each sheet individually with a guillotine paper cutter.
I'm so glad I invested in the stack cutter, it makes things so much
faster and easier.
Just have to be sure I have it set at the correct measurement. 
Ask me how I know!  LOL
Next I prepare the cards for packaging.
Most sets are 4 cards each of 2 different images,
there is one set that is a variety pack of 8 different cottage images.
Here they are, in sets, ready to be packaged.
Dave cuts down scrap matting into the perfect size for packaging.
I use my "Paper Gator" to round the corners.
I print up labels with our business information on them
and put them on the mats.
The variety packs have a label on the back showing
which images are included.
Here are the mats ready to go.
Now for the envelopes.
Each package of note cards comes with 9 envelopes.
I count out the envelopes and have them ready ahead of time.
Except of course when I run out 
and have to do 2000 envelopes at one time.
I count out 4 and 5 envelopes and box them up.
This is my set up when I'm ready to package the cards.
I put 4 of one card on the front with 4 envelopes
and 4 of the other image and 5 envelopes on the back.
They all get stacked into boxes and Dave takes them and
shrink-wraps them.
I'm so glad I don't do that part.
I can do it and have done it, but prefer not to.
This is what about 80 packs of note cards looks like ready
for shrink-wrapping.
So there you go, my process for making note cards for 
It's a lot of work, and this is after I get the picture all
scanned in and color corrected, but I have it down to a science now.
After almost 30 yrs of making them and countless packs, 
I could do them in my sleep.

Thanks for stopping by today, come again soon.
Never know what you'll find on 
Kristie Kreates.

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