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Monday, October 5, 2015

My "Wall of Fame"

I've said at the end of some of my posts to come back soon,
you never know what you'll see here.
Here is one of those "surprise" posts.
Recently I saw a post on one of my favorite blogs
"Older and Wisor" (link to the blog)
"How to Make a Photo Wall" (link to specific post)
I told Rebecca in my comment that it inspired me to write about 
my Wall of Fame, so here I am to write about it and give you a little
glimpse at my messy (it's really all my hubby's mess) office.
(I'm not showing my messy half)

Many years ago, I decided to put pictures in the little space that I have 
in the office.  It started off with a bang and I added to it quite often.
Unfortunately, the additions stopped and I never filled up all the space
available.  I'm thinking I need to add some more pictures and finish filling 
the walls, before it's time to paint again.
Here's what I see when I'm sitting at my desk.
I know that bookcase doesn't look great, but heck, it's an office,
what can you expect?
Above the doors to the living room.
(click on the pictures to enlarge them)
This is one wall in the corner of the room,
this is the other wall adjacent to it.
Next to the door there is a very narrow space,
I even fit a group of pictures there.
And above the windows across from the desk.
Looking at these makes me realize how old these pictures are.
I need to add some new ones.
Of course I'll leave the old ones up, I just need to add more
people.  I don't have any of my "greats" 
(that's my great nieces and nephews)
on the walls.
That's horrible, they are some of my favorite people!

Do you have a space, like an office, where you think
you don't have any room for pictures?
Is there any wall space at all?
If there is, you can still have some pictures to brighten your day.
That narrow vertical wall next to the doorway is only about
3 1/2" wide, the spaces above the windows and doors 
are only about 6 1/2" high.
Those 2 adjacent walls are only about 12" and 14" wide.
Just find some frames that you like, that will fit,
print up some pictures and hang them in
those small spaces.
Every time I look at the pictures they bring back
 a wonderful memory or two.

Be sure to check out Rebecca's photo wall,
maybe you'll have a wall that you can do like she did hers.

Thanks for stopping by today,
I hope you've been inspired to look around
your home to see where you can fit some fun memories.
Come again soon, like I said, you never know what you'll see here.

1 comment:

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Kristie!!!!! This is so great!! Yours is light years classier than mine, you know with FRAMES and all instead of tape :) You are so right. All those itty bitty wall spaces are the perfect spot to squeeze in memories that make us smile. Plus it will distract anyone from seeing the cobwebs that never get dusted away...of course you're more on top of things like that then I am :) Get those "greats" up there!