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Sunday, June 19, 2016

First Harvest

News from my farm!
Today I had my first harvest.
2 of the romaine plants had leaves big enough that
they needed to be harvested, so I took a knife out
and picked some lettuce for my lunch.
Here's what I got, that is actually a pretty good 
sized bowl, probably about 8" across, so it's a
pretty decent sized salad.
If hubby was home, I could have made 2 dinner salads
from what I got.
My only mistake was that the leaves were a little limp,
I probably should have watered them,
and picked it later.
But I ran them under some cool water and they did 
perk up a bit.
Live and learn.
Here is my salad,
added a little cheese, croutons and onions
and I have a nice tasty salad.

It was 3 weeks ago that I planted my farm and I'm
surprised to have something to eat already.
Can't wait to have more.
These are the 2 that I picked from, 
I only picked the outside leaves,
so the lettuce should continue to produce.
Something special about eating something that you 
grew yourself.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Do you have a vegetable garden?
What do you grow?
Hope to see you again soon.

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