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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kids Birthday Cards

Hi Everyone!
I have a couple of greats that I needed to make 
birthday cards for.
Andrea is really into Shopkins, so I thought a 
Shopkins card was the way to go.
I drew out the cupcake top on scrap paper and 
then traced it and fussy cut it out of pink card stock.
I used a little bit of 
around the edges and the layers of frosting.
Using google eyes made it easy to put the face on 
and I drew in the rest.
I think she'll love it!
Anthony loves Pokemon,
so I created this Pokeball card for him.
Once I decided what I wanted to do, it was a pretty 
simple process.
I used a brad at the side so the card could swing open 
to reveal the greeting.
This is the same greeting I used for Andrea's 
Shopkins card.

Their birthday party is today and I'm sure it
will be fun and the cards will be a big hit with the kids.

Thanks for stopping in today.
I hope you've been inspired in some way,
perhaps to make some kind of 
"character card" next time you need one
for a child in your life.
See you soon!

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