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Friday, February 3, 2017

Christmas Ornaments

Hello everyone!
I know Christmas is long past, but I wanted to share
a few ornaments I made with you.
These all started out clear and I glittered the insides of them.
I'm sorry this picture is so bad, I just couldn't get
a good picture and forgot to go back and shoot some
more before I gave the ornament as a gift.
I made this one for my sis-in-law, who loves
Christmas trees.
I also put the year on the backs of all of them.
My little great niece loves Shopkins
so I made this one for her.
My great nephew is very into Pokemon
so I naturally had to make a Pokeball ornament 
for him.

I love being able to create unique ornaments
for people I love.
Thanks for stopping by today,
hope to see you again soon.
Until then,
get inspired and try something 
a little different.

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