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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Table Gifts

Hi all!
I hope you had a lovely Christmas.
I had a wonderful Christmas with my family.
I had dinner at my home with just my kids and
their significant others, so there were
6 of us here.
I know I've posted before that when I have a holiday
meal of some sort, I like to have some kind of little
gift or favor for my guests, and today was no different.
But today was actually more special, because it was Christmas
and I really wanted something special for each person.
I decided to make little ornaments for them all, including 
my hubby and myself.
I made these glittered ornaments and put a different
'symbol' on each one.
I wrote up a little note telling them why I chose that particular
symbol, rolled it up and put it in the loop at the top of the ornament 
Dave set the table for me and I added the little ornaments
 to each persons place setting.
On the fronts of the ornaments I put the vinyl cut out
of the symbol I chose for them.
This is the one for Dave.
Some of the meanings may be obvious, some may not
be so obvious. Dave's has a Celtic symbol with a heart
for our love, it has no beginning and no end.
On the back sides I put the year.
This is the one I made for myself, it's hard to see
but it has the infinity sign, one side has 2 hearts in it
the other says 'family'
The mother and child is what I chose for my daughter,
Kelsie, for obvious reasons, 
but not only is she my daughter,
she is also one of my best friends.
This symbol that means loyal was what I chose for 
Jason, Kelsie's boyfriend.  I see him as a very loyal
My son, Jaryd, received one with the intertwined hearts,
showing his love for his fiance and his family.
Sara, Jaryd's fiance, has a Celtic anchor on hers,
this symbolizes her love for the water and her Irish 
I think they all liked their ornaments and the notes
explaining what they meant to me.
It was a little simple gift that conveyed my love for
each of them.
Thanks for stopping by today,
I hope you'll stop in again soon.
You never know what you'll find on
Kristie Kreates.

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