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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas!

I'd just like to wish everyone
the Merriest of Christmas'
and a wonderful 
Today I'll be attending the
 Backstrom Family Christmas Party.
I always love this get together,
as I see some of my family that I don't 
see often.  This year, I have some games planned,
not only for the kids, but one for the adults too.
I think it will be a fabulous time for everyone.
Tomorrow will be a little different for us.
This is the first year that Dave and I will wake up 
alone at home. No children in the house this year.
But they will be over for dinner and presents.
This year we will have  
Kelsie and Jason, Jaryd and Sara
and Dave and Me here.
A nice quiet happy Christmas.
I hope you are having a wonderful and joyous
Christmas season.

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