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Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hello blog friends!
I thought I'd share a few layouts that I have done recently.
One of my scrappy friends challenge our group of scrappers to do something that was outside of our comfort zone.
These first 2 pictures are just that.
The first one wasn't so hard, but the 2nd one was a whole other story.
This layout is long over due!
I took this picture of Dave on our first date.
Dave hadn't had his camera for more than a few months,
he wanted to get out and try it out, so we went to the
"Alabama Swamps"
This isn't in Alabama at all, but not far from where we live
in Western New York State.
When my friend, Jen looked at it she asked
"Where's Kristie?"
My answer, "Well, he didn't take any pictures of me."
Guess he didn't know that this was the start of something big.
Not only our relationship, but also his becoming a photographer.
These 2 pages were very tough for me and were totally
out of my comfort zone. (Sorry about that glare!)
I have a problem using just one picture on a page and this was no exception.  I hemmed and hawed over these pages.
Finally, Jen, that same friend told me that I should leave it like it is.
That they looked great.
So I did.  It was so hard to not fill up that empty space!
You can see I'm a bit behind in my scrapping,
Kelsie was 6 in this picture and she is 23 now. 
Jaryd was about 4 and is now 20.
These are a couple of my favorite pictures of our kids.
When my family gets together for Christmas,
I try to get a picture of all the great grandchildren together. 
Of course since there were 7 of them, I had to take a bunch of pictures. 
I don't think there is a one with all of them smiling and looking at the camera.  In fact I know there isn't, but they are all so darn cute!
"Aunt Kristie and The Greats"
Every Christmas I take a picture of myself with each of the Greats.
That's what I call my great nieces and nephews.
There is another one, Sienna, who wasn't at that
Backstrom Family Christmas.
She was only a matter of months at that time
and was with her Mom at her family Christmas.
Well, that's it for now. 
I hope you have enjoyed seeing a few of my layouts.
What is outside your comfort zone?
Why don't you take the challenge and create something
outside the box?
I did it, you can too.
Thanks for stopping by today.
Leave me a comment and let me know what is outside your comfort zone.
Come again soon.
Until next time, Happy Crafting!


Rita Barakat said...

SOmetimes you do just have to let it be and let those photos stand out by themselves! Those layouts are great!

estetik said...

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