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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Annual Souper Crop

We recently held our
Annual Souper Crop.
For this crop my friend Danielle and I 
make soups for our dinner.
We add a nice salad and bread and butter
and it's one of our favorite crops of the year.
We made squash bisque and chicken enchilada soup,
both back by popular demand.
We also give out some goodies, have a couple games
and prizes and always have a lot of fun.
Each cropper receives some little goodies,
one of the goodies included is always a 
ticket for a free drink.
This is the ticket I created for this crop.
We also played a bingo game.
I printed up these boards for everyone,
with a list of crafting "items" printed on the
back of the board.
Everyone filled out their board from the 
items on the list.
Then we told them that to cross off the
item on the board, they had to use it on
a project.
So if they chose 'ink' they had to use
ink on their project, not from a pen, but 
either stamping or distressing etc.
The cropper that won, really wanted to 
win and did enough on one single layout
to get a bingo.
Now that's determination!
I wish I had some kind of pictures 
of our other game.
We took 10 paper lunch bags, put some kind of
crafting item in each one and stapled them shut.
Our croppers had to feel the items in the bag and
guess what they were.
Some of the items we put in the bags were:
pencil sharpener
circle cutter
roll of magnetic tape
jar of embossing powder
Xyron X refill
You get the idea.  They all really enjoyed
this game.  The cropper that won this game
had 8 of 10 correct items.
Pretty darn good, I'd say.

It was a great crop.
The soups were yummy,
the games were fun,
and the company was fabulous.

Thanks for stopping in today.
Maybe if you're organizing a crop one day
you'll be able to use our ideas.
Until next time,
make something fun!

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