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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Memorial Gifts for Christmas

Hello, I hope 2019 is going well for y'all.
Today I'm showing you something special that I 
made for my family this past Christmas. 
My Mom passed away on May 4th.
My family and I had to clean out her room at the
assisted living home and she really had a lot of clothes.
She was very tiny and no one at the home would be 
able to use them, so I thought I'd donate them to Savers.
Once I got everything home and went through it, something 
told me to save her tops and I'd figure out some way to use them.
One day an idea hit me and I found a video on how to make
"tee shirt yarn"  So I took Mom's tops and made yarn out of
them.  I found that all different kinds of fabric work for this,
not only tee shirt type fabrics.  Some work better than others
and some yield more than others, but they all seem to work.
I crocheted baskets for everyone in the family.
Here are some of the baskets.  I didn't follow a specific 
pattern, so they all came out different.  Most are round, but some 
are rectangle or oval.  
I made little tags for the baskets with
a favorite picture of Mom on them and
wrote a sentiment to explain what they were.
I filled the baskets for the Great Grandchildren
with candy.
For my generation and the Grandkids I also made
memorial ornaments. The ornaments have a heart with angel
wings, inside the heart it says Mom, Grnadma or G-Ma depending
who it was for..
On the back they have her date of birth and death.
I put iridescent shread inside, 
I also suspended a tiny little bottle filled with 
some of Mom's ashes at the top inside the ornament.
Here is a picture showing the baskets ready to go.
Everyone was very touched by the gifts,
I think it's a great way to have Mom with us, 
we'll all remember her with many great
memories and love in our hearts, but having something
that is a bit of her is so special.
This is a little basket that I'm working on for me.
I tried to make flowers for some of the other baskets,
but they just wouldn't work.  I think it's the type of fabric 
that I used for this one that makes the difference.
I'm going to take these beads and sequins off this piece of fabric 
and add them to the band around my basket, between the
flowers. This is the top that I had gotten for Mom to wear
to our son's wedding.  We used a piece of it for their
hand fasting at the wedding, to represent Mom,
so this is particularly special to me.

I think I may be making some more things with 
tee shirt yarn in the future.  I love the idea of
repurposing old clothing in this way.

Thanks for stopping by and spending a little time with
me today.  I hope you are inspired in some way and maybe 
will try repurposing something some time soon.
Until next time, 
Think outside the box!

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