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Monday, January 7, 2019

Pikachu and Unicorn

Hi All!
Did you make any Christmas ornaments for
I did and here are couple of them.

Here's the Pikachu I made for my great nephew
Anthony. I found a picture of Pikachu and went from
there, creating it in my
 Silhouette Studio Designer Edition
and cut the face pieces from vinyl.
The ears were done freehand with glitter craft foam.
For the ornament itself, I used a clear plastic ornament.
First I poured liquid hair spray into the ornament,
then drained it out.  I used gold glitter and poured it into
the ornament, then poured the excess out.
This process works great for me.

I made this unicorn for my great niece and Godchild,
Andrea.  I followed the same process for glittering the
ornament, found some eyelashes on the internet and
traced them in my Silhouette program and cut them from vinyl.
The horn and ears were drawn freehand and cut from glitter craft
foam.  I found the little flowers in my stash and put them on
with super glue, then added gold gems to the centers.
I also added the year to the back with vinyl.
The kids both loved their ornaments.

I started a tradition of making ornaments for those
we have Christmas dinner with.
Unfortunately, I didn't remember to take pictures
of them. Each ornament had the date on one side and
the other was something that was important to that person
in 2018.  I also use a color that corresponded in some way
to that person or their "theme"
Sure wish I would have remembered to take pictures.

Thanks for popping in today.
If you made ornaments for Christmas
that everyone loved them as much as these were loved.

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