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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cutting boards

And she said:
"I need a little help with something."
It was cutting boards.
Jaryd and Sara wanted to customize some cutting
boards for Christmas gifts.
What they needed were some templates,
so we went to my computer and used my 
Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Software
to create what they needed.
I cut a meat cleaver from vinyl and she put the negative space
onto the cutting board.
It was traced with pencil onto the board and
"Chop it Like it's Hot" 
was written onto the blade.
Then she used her wood-burning  tool to 
burn the pattern into the wood.
The same process was done with the tree.

She added 2015 to the trunk of the tree.
The last one I helped her with was her raven board.

She put her family name on this one.
I think she did a great job on all of these.
And to make things even better,
I was lucky enough to get the tree board in one of the
Christmas exchanges.
Jaryd and Sara also made infused olive oils 
to go along with the cutting board.
I got Basil and Rosemary infused oils.
My sis in law got the "Chop it Like it's Hot" 
board with garlic and red pepper infused oils.
I love mine and I'm sure my sis in law loves hers too.
It's always great to get hand made gifts.

Thanks for stopping by today.
I hope you'll come again soon.
And I hope you're having a better than average day!

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