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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Kelsie and Jaryd Quotes

In my last post I showed you the "art piece" I 
made for my friend Mary with some specialty paper.
Today I'm showing you the ones I made for my kids.
Kelsie loves anything that is zebra print and when I 
saw this zebra print paper, I knew I had to do something
for her with it.
I won't go through the whole process since I wrote that up
in my last post.
Her quote is:
If I could give you
one thing in life,
I would give you 
the ability to see yourself
through my eyes,
only then would you realize
how special you are to me.
Kelsie's is framed in black, I should have taken the picture
against a light background.  Sorry about that.
It's hard to tell what Jaryd's paper is in the picture, 
but it's a very fine paper made of gold and bronze
fibers.  I layered his over a dark burgundy piece of card stock.
For his quote, I used watercolors to create the background.
His quote is:
If I could sit 
across the porch
from God
I'd thank Him 
for giving me
His is in a gold frame.

I loved making these for my children
and I think they loved them too.

So glad you stopped in today.
I hope you will consider making something
special like this for someone you love.

See you again soon.
You never know what you'll be seeing next on
Kristie Kreates!

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